Travel Policy Housekeeping – discover the ACE Toolkit

At a time when planes are grounded and travel restrictions are in force, ACE Travel Management understands that many travel managers will not be actively booking travel at the moment.

However as many of us are now utilising this unprecedented time to maintain some much needed ‘housekeeping’, the team at ACE Travel has compiled an easy to follow ‘Travel Policy Toolkit’ to allow you to utilise this time to audit your travel policy – to ensure that your organisation is ready and prepared for when normality returns.

Fundamentals of the toolkit include ensuring that your travel policy includes the ‘4 Pillars of good policy planning’ which are :-

• Finance – how do you ensure that you are getting the best value and are you getting the best management information? You can’t measure what you can’t control!
• Duty of Care – are your travellers part of the travel policy making process? Does your policy take their welfare and safety into account?
• Compliance – do you need an authorisation process? Can it be managed effectively?
• Procedure – do travellers have an easy process to get quotes, authorisation and all of the necessary information including health and business etiquette for their trip?

Perhaps recent events have highlighted fundamental changes that are required to your travel policy or perhaps you are considering how the travel landscape will change in the future concerning immigration, border controls and visa regulations, and are looking at how your organisation will adapt.

The ACE Travel Team has over 28 years’ experience in travel policy review, recommendation and implementation and would be very happy to provide a consultative service to your travel programme.

Contact the ACE Team about its ‘Travel Policy Toolkit’.