TRAVEL NEWS: 4 Top Tips For Avoiding The Rail Fare Increase

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You’ve probably noticed that rail fares have gone up by an average of 3.8% – just as more and more people are returning to the office. With further possible increases in the price of fuel, train travel could be a cheaper option and one that’s certainly more sustainable. Let’s look at how you can find cheaper rail fares easily.

Despite the increases there are lots of ways to save money on rail travel and Kip Parker from Raileasy explains how;


  1. Remember to book early

Going to the ticket office on the morning of travel is often the most expensive way of travelling.  The rail companies release their fares up to 12 weeks in advance so, if you are able to book early, you’ll have a much better chance of finding a cheaper Advance fare.


  1. Save with a split ticket

Rather than buying a standard through ticket it can often work out cheaper to break your journey down into separate legs.  This is called split ticketing.  You might think you’d need a forensic knowledge of the rail system and a few spare hours to plan it but websites like Raileasy will do all the work for you in a few seconds.  They compare thousands of ticket combinations to find you the cheapest fares and it’s also one simple transaction.  For example, if you were travelling from Bristol to London Paddington at around 9.00am and returning at around 5.00pm, the Raileasy site has a £45.00* saving compared to Trainline – and that’s using exactly the same trains at the same times.


  1. Avoid Booking Fees

Many sites add booking fees for arranging your ticket and, if you are also using a Travel Management Company, they might be adding their own fees on top. Raileasy will make a small % adjustment to the price of your ticket, but only if they find you a saving, so it should still work out cheaper.  And they won’t charge you a booking fee either.

  1. Railcards

If you are able to travel outside of peak time adding a Railcard can reduce the cost by 30%.


Saving You Money

Raileasy are one of the UK’s leading on-line sellers of rail tickets.  They have a bespoke planner that searches through thousands of journey combinations to find the cheapest fares. When they find a saving the average amount is 25% which can really help those budgets to go further (literally) for anyone looking for cheaper rail travel.

As well as saving money their corporate accounts offer a wide range of helpful features to make life easier such as e-tickets that can be downloaded to a mobile, management reporting, emission saving calculations and different payment options.

To find out more please contact Kip Parker on 0771 333 0280 or drop him a line at and he’ll do his best to help.


* All fares are subject to change but prices were correct at the time of writing.

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