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Travel Trend Predictions for 2023


Angelee Rathor, Founder of Seven Travel predicts travel trends for 2023. Her list includes some less- expected entries and plenty of inspiration for trying something new this year. Before you get planning your holiday see what Angela says about the trends shaping the business travel industry.

Are there any specific business travel trends you can identify for 2023?

“Whilst SevenTravel is focused on consumer and leisure travel, I also have a secondary business, SevenEvents, which focuses on high-profile, luxury global events for clients. Business travel is always highly populated in Europe, but we are seeing a lift in corporate travellers looking to see the city through the eye of locals too. Due to this, there’s a trend emerging of more local-led tours in the major cities. Solo travel is typical of business travel too, and many individuals are extending their stays, opting for time outside of the business trip to explore the city and make deeper, meaningful connections with the culture. We refer to this as a singlemoon.”

The biggest travel trends this year

TREND ONE: Solo Travel

In 2023 SevenTravel has noticed a marked increase in solo travel requests, specifically and perhaps most interestingly from predominantly female clients in the over 45 age brackets. Solo travellers are seeking the chance to reconnect with themselves and aren’t held back by not having a travel partner. Whether this is through our holistic health trip in Thailand, our Moroccan yoga retreat, or our cleansing spa break in Indonesia, SevenTravel’s host of wellness experiences promise realignment of body, mind and soul and opportunity to disconnect from the business of everyday life back home.

TREND TWO: Seeing the sights by train travel

More and more clients are opting for train travel options through various countries to take in the sights and sounds of each destination first-hand with less stress on ‘how to get there’. Our South Africa Safari package includes a magical three-night train journey on the Rovos Rail through the Cape winelands, Highveld grasslands and the Great Karoo, offering a standout experience. Train travel is often preferred by many travellers now as a more environmentally friendly option.

TREND THREE: Stress-free Travel

Now that the world has returned to normality, and we are back to facing the busy schedules of everyday life; what sounds more appealing than stress-free travel? SevenTravel’s flexible self-drive holidays offer an ideal antidote, as the traveller can create a completely bespoke route to include their preferred stop off points, experiences and accommodation options. For example, our Italy road-trip is the perfect trip for history buffs and foodie fanatics, as guests can embark on an epic road trip that takes them through Italy’s most beautiful landscapes, where they can stop off to enjoy world-class art, soak up its fascinating history and sample delicious authentic food. The added bonus is you avoid busy long-haul flights and potentially longer travel delays.


Istanbul Grand Bazaar rooftops


TREND FOUR: Cities Through the Eyes of the Locals

We have noticed a preference for trips that allow the traveller to see a destination through the eyes of the locals; ultimately, we’ve seen an increased demand for authentic and informative experiences. Food tours and walking tours are a fantastic way to discover a destination’s lesser-known spots– more so if lead by a local! For example, our Vietnam itinerary offers exclusive private tours that will see guests delve into historical Vietnamese culture, as they leave the bustling city for ancient villages to admire stunning architecture and the country’s oldest landmarks. Guests will also have the opportunity to dine at local homestays for a true taste of traditional cuisine.

TREND FIVE: Sand and Safari

We are seeing a surge in popularity for our trips which offer an engaging safari experience followed by a relaxing beach trip – showcasing the ideal of combining muti-experience trips for many travellers. We have a fantastic package whereby you can embark on exciting wildlife and safari tours in the African wilderness, before spending the final days of your trip laying on the white sands by the Indian Ocean. This demand is surging in the winter months, as travellers seek winter sun options. We would recommend our South Africa and the Seychelles holidays, which offer 13 days of adventure including visits to Game Drives and of course, beach bliss!

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