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The Ultimate Workation Guide: 10 Essential Items to take with you abroad

With Covid upturning entire sectors over the past year, more and more people are working from home every day. With the new work from home orders being issued by the government, it doesn’t look like that will be ending anytime soon.

Whilst some people have been more than happy to work from home, others have taken to going abroad. These jet setters are rushing to picturesque mountains, beaches and countrysides to do their jobs. For those planning on joining them, the Hub Events has provided a list of essentials to make your experience easier and more comfortable. With Christmas holiday prices behind us, there has never been a better time to start your workcation.

External Hard Drive
When working away from home, having a good or unlimited wireless connection might not be a given. So that means downloading gigabytes worth of data from cloud storage might not be an option. You could conceivably store all your data on your portable machine, but that could quickly get filled up. Even if you have plenty of storage available, having some sort of redundancy will make you sleep better at night.

Mouse and Keyboard
Comfort is a must-have in any work setting, that’s why having a wireless mouse and keyboard is an essential part of any workation. The flexibility you have with a wireless mouse and keyboard is one perk, as is the ergonomic design of both. The only thing you have to keep on top of is the battery life of both. Ensure you have enough batteries of the right size and/or have the proper charging cables.

If you are away from an outlet, or if there are intermittent power outages then there’s no better backup to your energy problems than a power bank. Being able to charge your phone, laptop or any other device whenever and wherever you need to is essential. Giving yourself that extra layer of protection will make your workation far less stressful than it needs to be.

Wi-Fi Dongle
A wifi Dongle is in no way a substitute for a proper wifi connection, however, the versatility it provides could be useful when away from home. As with most things so far on this list, the Wifi Dongle provides redundancy that could stop any problems you may have on your workation in its tracks.

Headset with Microphone
As it has been over a year since the world has started working from home, there is no excuse for having bad audio quality. Often times your laptop’s internet microphone is not good enough for a team meeting. Moreover, if you want to work in a public place, then you shouldn’t be disturbing others with your call, and with noise-cancelling headphones, you won’t be disturbed by the public.

Portable Laptop Stand
A suitable desk might not be guaranteed when you are on a workcation, but that doesn’t mean you should work whilst laying in bed.  If you put the laptop on the bed and sit on the same level, you will have to hunch your back to work, that’s why it is always advisable to put your laptop in an elevated position whilst sitting on the bed.

Important Document
With the rules and regulations of how to go abroad changing so quickly, it is important to make sure that you keep on top of what you need to go where. There are passenger locator forms to be filled out, as well as negative covid tests to provide. This is on top of having a passport and/or visa.

Make a file with all your important personal and official documents so that, while you’re far from home, if any important information is required, you can quickly provide it by searching it from your file.

Travel Lock
Whilst some hotels or rentals might have a safe or lockbox, it isn’t always a guarantee. Moreover, if you want to work outside of the room, then a lock of some kind would be perfect for protecting your valuables.

Travel Insurance
Taking all these valuables overseas, without any insurance is in short, a bad idea. Make sure your valuables are covered with the best travel insurance you need. Whilst it isn’t a substitute for keeping things locked safely away, things do happen so it is important to be protected.

Masks, Sanitisers, Disinfectant Wipes
Every country has different regulations regarding covid. That’s why it is always better to be safe than sorry. Most regulations deal with where to wear masks, which is why you should have a supply of disposable and reusable masks, along with the means to clean them. Moreover, taking hand sanitiser and disinfectant wipes can and will make you safer as you travel around.