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UK employees can’t escape work

With the summer holidays kicking off, many families are heading to warmer climates for a much-needed break. However, new research shows that even travelling to a foreign country no longer guarantees employees can leave their work worries behind them.

A survey of 1,000 UK employees by call-answering service alldayPA reveals one in four still communicate with the office while abroad. A shocking 19% take work calls, 25% check and answer emails and 8% even go so far as to pack laptops with a plan to finish projects during their holiday.

Perhaps due to higher charges for calls and data, 76% say they plan to use hotel wifi for unlimited access to work emails and files. Meanwhile, 86% of employees use smartphones, making them the most likely to do work while on holiday.

Time differences don?t seem to present a barrier to determined members of staff, with some admitting to working as far away as Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia.

Some of those guilty of taking work with them admit to getting up early or staying awake late to avoid tasks encroaching on their days. Unsurprisingly, 23% say their children or partner regularly complain about them working while they?re off duty.