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UK employees don’t feel appreciated

UK employees don't feel appreciated

Awards design company Podium Designs has commissioned research into the importance of office appreciation. The results were rather bleak, showing that many UK employees don’t feel appreciated at work.

The survey of 750 people across the UK highlights a huge failing in office appreciation. Key findings from the study include:

  • Only 16% of employees had heard a thank you from their boss in the last six months
  • A mere 32% said they felt appreciated in the workplace
  • Employers aren’t meeting the needs of the new millennial workforce.

Richard Mckie, Director of Podium Designs explains: “To see that so many people don’t feel appreciated in the office came as a surprise. Employee engagement seems to be at an all time low and if employers want to keep hold of staff, they’re going to have to do more to show their appreciation. The idea of a ‘job for life’ seems one that has been forgotten as we jump from one opportunity to the next. Employers and managers need to nurture their team to fully integrate new talent and get the best from their staff.”

Podium Designs has collected a few ways businesses have been recognising their staff and rewarding hard work. You can find five top tips on the company’s recent blog post.