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Uniglobe Omni Travel just wants a quiet word

There is nothing worse than being relaxed in front of the TV after a hard day’s work, only to be jolted to lunge for the remote control. Adverts really do seem to be louder these days.

A good magazine or poster advertisement might be constructed cleverly to “catch the target audience”. However, the written word can be noisy as well. Sometimes, too many bold claims cause suspicion and then apathy.

In the squeezed environment of business travel, Uniglobe Omni Travel is able to stand out without needing to shout out.

Traditional trust is the pillar on which Uniglobe Omni is built. Perhaps that doesn’t make a groovy headline. Perhaps it isn’t catchy enough.

Never mind. Uniglobe’s dedicated team has what the modern-day PA needs – three decades of business travel experience, a can-do attitude and a heart and soul that elevates local and global service levels to maximum effect.

Your assigned team will be swift to reply by phone or email with quality responses on all flights, hotels, cars and other traveller essentials.

Instant gratification is all very well. More substance is needed for a lasting relationship.

Customer satisfaction is not a survey to be taken once a year. It is a constant question that needs to be asked. The sound of your voice will be heard loud and clear.

If you want to change your monthly routine of booking travel, but just need gentle reassurance to make that change, then please contact Tim Ellis, Business Development Manager at, phone 020 7702 9991, or go to