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Tempest, the iconic Brighton beachfront venue relaunched after extensive revamp


The Laine Pub Company has reopened its flagship site – Tempest – the iconic Brighton beachfront venue after a £350,000 refurbishment. The extensive overhaul sees this amazing space re-imagined in a way which will captivate both residents and visitors to Brighton’s famous seafront, alike…

Welcome back to Tempest, the iconic Brighton beachfront venue

Tempest has long been a beacon of cultural vibrancy in Brighton, but now exudes an air of rebellious sophistication. Its revamped sea-facing terrace, adorned with rustic wooden tables, industrial chic accents, Glastonbury-style flags and mesmerising lighting, provides guests with panoramic views of the coastline and the backdrop for an unforgettable coastal soiree.

However, it’s the enchanting labyrinthine interior that truly sets Tempest apart. Step through its doors, and you’ll find yourself transported to a world with intimate caverns and art and light installations that reverberate with the rhythm of the building. These cave booths, available for private bookings, offer a unique and exclusive haven for gatherings of all sizes.

Tempest is more than a venue, it’s a cultural hotspot with the ocean as the backdrop

“Tempest isn’t just a venue; it’s an experience,” says Bec, Management Partner at Tempest. “Our investment reflects our commitment to enriching the communities we serve by offering a space where art, music, and great food converge to create unforgettable moments.”

Tempest stakes its claim as a cultural hotspot of Brighton’s underground scene, boasting an indoor bar that has borne witness to the alchemy of Brighton’s electronic music events, including past performances by luminaries like Romy® a maestro of The xx and Berlin DJ collaborations.

The food and drinks are sure to impress your event guests

To the new coastal cuisine crafted by Bonito, every aspect of Tempest has been meticulously curated. Whether you’re sipping on a midweek margarita with a taco, all prepared with the freshest locally sourced ingredients, the Tempest invites you to transcend the ordinary.

In addition to its enchanting cave enclaves, Tempest boasts two distinct soundproofed sanctuaries, adorned with striking art murals and installations. These versatile spaces provide the canvas for an array of exclusive events, from intimate gatherings to grand celebrations to alternative weddings complete with a private bar and late-night revelry.

Shakespeare famously wrote in his eponymous play, “We are such things as dreams are made on” and certainly at the Tempest, Laine has created a dreamlike, otherworldly space where people can escape the real world and enjoy awesome drinks, electronic music, art and entertainment with the ocean – calm or tempestuous – as an unparalleled backdrop.


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More about Tempest

Situated along Brighton’s seafront, Tempest, part of the Laine Pub Company, is famous for its stunning seafront terrace, and electronic music events.

Tempest invites guests to enjoy music, premium food delivered by BONITO & drink, and art as the venue transforms seamlessly from day to night.