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Breaking the routine, travelling to new places and staying in expensive hotels are among the best perks of travelling ‘on business’.

Unsurprisingly, a poll of 2,000 business travellers found that one in four professionals enjoy the bonus of staying in a hotel they otherwise couldn’t afford.

One third like to see places they have never been to, and the same amount love experiencing different cultures.

Some 37 per cent said travelling had helped to improve their skillset and 29 per cent have made better business connections from their time ‘in the field’.

It also emerged the average travelling executive hits the road for work six times a year, totalling 20 days away from the office on business. And 46 per cent have travelled abroad on the business.

It also emerged nearly six in 10 respondents said their job had allowed them to see parts of the world they wouldn’t have considered travelling to themselves. Half of business travellers find it an unexpected luxury when they are asked to travel further afield in the name of their profession.

Despite these perks, Brits aren’t gloating about their business trips on social media, with 71 per cent of savvy travellers refusing to post about a business trip or travel opportunity, according to the study by Leeds’ official conference bureau, ConferenceLeeds. Research also found 72 per cent of males wouldn’t post about their business travel, with the figure slightly lower for women at 70 per cent. Differences in ages were also identified; with 50 per cent of 18 to 24 year olds likely to post about a business trip, significantly reduced in the 55+ category, with just 15 per cent likely to post on social media.

Regionally, business travellers in the East Midlands travel more for work than anyone else, with an average of seven trips per year, with people in Northern Ireland travelling less than anyone else, with an average of five.

Those in the South West are least likely to enjoy travelling for work, with 22 per cent reporting that they dislike the experience, while only seven per cent of Londoners would pass up the opportunity.

Claire Heap, Head of ConferenceLeeds said: “Our research comes as a shock, especially as we live in such a tech savvy world. It is clear that business people love getting out of the office, as our study found that half of business travellers wish they could travel even more than they currently do.

“There are so many ‘Instagrammable’ places across the country to take advantage of, with landmarks and unique destinations in cities across the UK. Leeds is full of great spots to snap, from Leeds Corn Exchange, a Grade I Victorian building, through to Belgrave Music Hall and Canteens’ impressive roof terrace – no need to be camera shy!”