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Wifi: the indispensable technology for travellers

Mobile technologies ? including wifi, travel apps and digital wallets ? are transforming business travellers? experience around the globe. That?s according to the first-ever GBTA Global Business Traveler Sentiment Index?, research from the GBTA Foundation, the education and research arm of the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), in partnership with American Express.? ?

?A massive technological transformation is changing the face of business travel,? said Joseph Bates, Vice President, GBTA Foundation. ?At the heart of this radical disruption is wifi, which has become the indispensable technology for travellers. Wifi and mobile technologies allow travellers to stay connected whether in their hotel rooms, at the airport, or at 30,000 feet. This transformation will only accelerate, and business travellers will demand always-on connectivity and mobile applications that allow them to stay in touch 24/7.?? ?

?The Business Traveler Sentiment Index provides a snapshot of the attitudes and experiences of business travelers about what is working and what isn?t when it comes to travel,? said Susan Chapman-Hughes, senior vice president, American Express Global Corporate Payments. ?This will help travel providers address areas of concern and help attract and retain loyalty from their customers.?? ?

The four key findings from the index report were:

1.     Technology continues to transform the business travel experience.

2.     Despite overall satisfaction with travel, a number pain points have emerged, causing deep frustration among business travellers ? such as getting through security and high airline fees.

3.     Travellers are optimistic about the health of their industry, though less hopeful about the overall state of their country?s economy.

4.     The level of satisfaction in business travel varies widely by country.  Business travellers from Mexico are the most satisfied, while travelers from Japan are the least satisfied, among countries surveyed.

As employees travel for business, they need to stay connected ? meaning mobile devices and applications play a more important role than ever.  


Travellers, across the board, believe that wifi is ?vital to their work productivity?: 

?      Mexico (90%)

?      Brazil (87%)

?      Canada (83%)

?      United States (81%)

?      United Kingdom (80%)

?      Australia (75%)

?      Germany (70%)

?      Japan (52%)

The Index was fielded through an online research panel whereby 3,851 respondents qualified for the study (their pri?mary residence is located in one of the eight countries, they are employed part- or full-time, and they have taken four or more business trips in the prior 12 months).? Check out the full report here: