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Women working 2 hours a day ‘for free’

Female management members are effectively working for free nearly two hours every day, according to research from the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

According to the 2015 National Management Salary Survey, women in senior positions earn 22% less than men working in equivalent full-time roles, meaning that they effectively work unpaid for 1 hour 40 minutes every day.

The report has meant the gender pay gap has reared its head again, with the gap at £8,524 between men and women in professional roles, with men earning an average of £39,136 and women making £30,612. Although, this is a smaller gap than in 2014 when the pay difference stood at £9,069.

The pay gap gets bigger once increased to senior or executive-level staff to £14,943 for senior- or director-level staff, with men earning an average of £138,699 compared to the average for women of £123,756. Female managers also received less when it came to bonuses; with the average man’s bonus (£4,898) almost double that of the average woman’s (£2,531).

The CMI’s report also found that women comprise 67% of the workforce in entry-level roles, and outnumber men in junior management positions, compared with 43% representation at senior management level.

From next year the government will force companies with more than 250 workers to disclose the pay gap in their workplaces, despite fierce resistance from employers. David Cameron has vowed to end the gender pay gap within a generation and has said the new rules would create the pressure needed to drive up women’s wages.

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