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How much would these courses cost separately?

There are 105 individual courses included in the Personal Development Bundle – all for the amazing price of just £99 (less than 76p per course!!)

If bought individually, these courses would cost £890. That’s a huge saving of £791. The best part is, access to these courses will never disappear, so you can pay now and continue to learn for life. The courses are constantly updated and refreshed with new information and training, so you’ll always be ahead of the curve.

Who is this course bundle created for?

The Personal Development Bundle is created for anyone who wants to better themselves and their career progression.

Will this improve my chances of being employed?

Yes, studies have shown that as much as 92% of employers who saw extra training on a candidates CV saw it as a positive addition, meaning they were more likely to hire them. So, if you’re up against a very similar candidate, additional training could be the boost you need to get hired.

Will this help me get a promotion if I’m already employed?

Similar to getting hired, the chances of being promoted are dramatically increased if you have additional training from outside of work. It’s a fantastic way to show initiative and determination if you’re spending your free time bettering yourself, so that you can do your job better.

What’s included in the Personal Development Bundle?


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