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Green & Fortune adapts to fast changing event dynamics


Green & Fortune is reporting a new set of demands as event planners navigate the current turbulent landscape of fast changing event dynamics.

Whereas planning and organising Christmas events would historically have been an event planner’s mainstay focus in the autumn, the financial climate, industrial action and political machinations are having a major impact on the events sector:

Lead-in times now much shorter

Demand is at an all-time high for corporate events, however, lead times are now a matter of weeks as opposed to months. With a fast turnaround, corporate planners are increasingly looking to work at venues where all event related services are managed and controlled in-house.

Delegate numbers a fact in fast changing event dynamics

Events are being contracted at absolute minimum guest numbers with up to 35% additional attendees being added after the initial contact is signed, sometimes just days from the event date. The growing trend is mitigating any corporate risk, however, is now doubling venues’ work as they respond to the trend by securing additional contractual commitment from the corporate.

Food to fit the flux in demand

The short-lead and significant upturn in numbers means that day delegate menus are being adapted to help kitchens cope with both the flux in demand and the increased manpower hours required to prepare the catering.

“Sandwich lunches are deceptively labour intensive and if numbers are increasing by 75, 100 and even 200 people at a few days’ notice it’s hard for our kitchens to plan their staffing,” states Brendan Fyldes, Chef Director of Green & Fortune. He adds: “Food stalls are the perfect solution as they offer a wide variety of food, they mirror the trend to graze and it’s a more subtle, less obtrusive way of catering for those with any special dietary requirements.”

Best days to hold events

To encourage attendee numbers and highlight the benefits of face-to-face engagement, events are mirroring the growth in workplace footfall on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.  A new trend is also to add drinks and networking at the end of the formalities of conference content to make the most of teams being together in-person.

New ways to mark Christmas at work

This year’s Christmas conversation is very different with many companies looking to bring their people together for a summer 2023 celebration instead. Rebecca Harris, Green & Fortune’s Business Development Director, confirms: “Employers are looking very differently at how they reward their teams this year. The traditional office bash is now taking on new formats such as smaller inter-departmental events, more lunches, and a marked move to summer events. We’re also seeing a few companies address the cost-of-living crisis and reward their teams with a monetary gift or department store voucher for Christmas instead. Much like office life, we are seeing a new set of traditions develop.”

People buy people

The company recognises service as a key differentiator in the market and has strived to put customer service at the fore. Green & Fortune is considered one of the best payers in the sector and thereby attracts a high calibre of people committed to providing outstanding experiences in a rapidly changing ‘eventscape’. As testament to these exacting service levels, the company recently won a Foodservice Catey and is also shortlisted at the upcoming London Venue awards in 5 categories including Best Catering Team, Best Event Venue and Best Venue with a View.

Rebecca Harris adds: “Flex and flux are the considerations of the day as we help clients bring their people back together to engage and interact. We’re having to adapt, anticipate and innovate on a daily basis which is keeping us on our toes and also ensures we have a product that is in line with the changing demands from event planners”.

Despite rising energy bills and food costs Green & Fortune is holding its current delegate rates until the end of 2022.


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