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Navigating the new normal: PAs lead the way with offsites to strengthen teams

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In today’s ever-changing work landscape, Personal Assistants (PAs) are the trailblazers advocating for remote work flexibility and nurturing work-life balance. Understanding the importance of flexibility and wellbeing, PAs are seeking tools and strategies to efficiently manage their workload while juggling personal commitments. We look at how WorkTripp can help to organise offsites to strengthen teams…

PAs often serve as the linchpins in scaling flexible work models, collaborating with COOs and team leaders to foster intentional team connections. Top companies recognize the importance of this approach, using offsites to strengthen collaboration, spark innovation, and cultivate a vibrant culture.

Great examples for leveraging offsites to strengthen teams 

🌐 Atlassian employs a hybrid model, leveraging offsites to bridge the gap between remote and in-office employees, enhancing collaboration across dispersed teams.

🔗 Buffer, a remote-first pioneer, prioritizes offsites and retreats to unite its global team, emphasizing the company’s dedication to team unity.

🎨 InVision utilizes off-sites and company-wide meetings to foster collaboration and nurture its unique company culture.

🤓 Research by Kneeland & Kleinbaum (2021) highlights the transformative impact of offsites on team dynamics, emphasising network tie formation and collaboration across dispersed teams.

But who’s looking out for PAs?

When it comes to maintaining a healthy work-life balance amidst the demands of organising team gatherings, offsites, or away days, PAs often oversee their own needs.

At WorkTripp we champion flexibility and work-life balance. We’re led by female founders who understand the challenges faced by PAs in today’s fast-paced environment.

Our platform empowers PAs and their teams by providing tools to streamline offsite planning and execution, enabling PAs to focus on quality of delivery and fostering collaboration, trust, and engagement among team members.

And it’s not just us advocating for this approach. The World Economic Forum and Harvard Business Review have listed company offsites as one of the workplace trends of 2024 and we’ve seen firsthand how streamlining offsite planning can save valuable time and make delivery achievable.

“I saved at least 70% of the usual time I would spend. It helped me to create a vision for our offsite, to understand the goals and create a plan from there.” – Paola Tartaglione, TaxScouts

“I’m so pleased we found WorkTripp when we did – they really saved us!”- Sally Lloyd, Radicle Foundation | customer


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Navigating your next offisite

To help you navigate your next offsite, we’ve developed a planning tool to kickstart your journey. 

Not only that, we are building our platform with users like you and we’d love you to be part of our community. Our advisors include Q Hamirani, the people leader who created the Airbnb Work From Anywhere policy and we are proud members of Operations Nation and the Future of Work Alliance. 


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How does WorkTripp help you?

WorkTripp saves you up to 160 business hours in planning, while demonstrating your strategic value and ROI for your business beyond logistics. 

With esteemed customers like Talentful and Molten Ventures, you’ll be in great company.

So say goodbye to endless website trawling and ineffective spending on team building. WorkTripp has vetted 150+ of the world’s best offsite designers, ensuring you have access to top-notch venues, facilitators, and experience providers.

Whether it’s a commercial kickoff in N.Y, a connection event in Kent, or an All-Hands in Lisbon, WorkTripp has you covered. We’re continually adding unique venues in places like the U.K, Spain, and Portugal. And as a BCorp, you can trust that our venues are sustainable and ethical.

Ready to elevate your team gatherings? Visit the WorkTrip planning tool and let’s get started! 🚀