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Professional development for PAs in the modern workplace

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In today’s fast-paced professional landscape, Personal Assistants (PAs) are more than administrative support; they are strategic partners driving organisational success. I’ve met awesome operational ninjas among the various communities out there and I know how much importance PAs place on their own professional development to “keep up” and add value. As a 41-year-old second-time founder, […]

Navigating the new normal: PAs lead the way with offsites to strengthen teams

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In today’s ever-changing work landscape, Personal Assistants (PAs) are the trailblazers advocating for remote work flexibility and nurturing work-life balance. Understanding the importance of flexibility and wellbeing, PAs are seeking tools and strategies to efficiently manage their workload while juggling personal commitments. We look at how WorkTripp can help to organise offsites to strengthen teams… […]