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    Be Aware: Pressure at work = more bullying

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    Employees experience more bullying on days with higher work pressure and passive avoidant leadership, according to new research from BI Norwegian Business School and the University of Bergen. Pressure is an increasing problem in working life as it can impact employee health and well-being. Leaders and managers have a responsibility to ensure good health and well-being […]

    Bullying is systemic in the workplace, despite WFH

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    Whilst we may not all be facing each other across our desks at the moment as we circumnavigate our way through Covid-19, bullying is still rife and systemic in the workplace, with cyber bullying in particular being driven higher by the pandemic, according to leaders in change management. As anti-bullying week (November 16th-20th) approaches, Thom Dennis, MD of […]

    Over a third of employees have been bullied at work in the last 3 years

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    A new study has revealed the extent of bullying in the workplace, with 71% of employees in the UK saying they have either experienced or witnessed bullying at work over the same period. Employment law specialists Kew Law has conducted a major new survey around workplace bullying. They asked employees of 131 companies in the […]

    As remote working soars, toxic workplace culture costing UK economy £15.7bn per year

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    HR software provider for SMEs Breathe has revealed the cost of bad company culture: a staggering £15.7 billion per year. The report, ‘The Culture Economy 2020’, revealed that one in five (21%) of SME employees quit their job due to poor workplace culture. It also found that 33% of SME decision makers experienced or witnessed […]

    Don’t let workplace bullies control your life

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    It really can be a difficult problem for HR to separate what one person considers banter and another sees as bullying. In the modern workplace, the lines aren’t as black and white as they once were. With many people seeing the problem layered in context rather than being nasty on purpose. However, bullying can ruin […]

    Psychopathic boss? He could turn you into a bully

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    Having a psychopathic personality doesn’t always mean you’re destined to become a serial killer, but a new study shows narcissistic bosses could turn their employees into the office bully. International research carried out by a team from the University of Manchester’s Business School found that people who work for managers who display these traits demonstrate […]

    Decrease in sexual harassment claims – but it’s not all good news

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    A new report by the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS) shows there has been a 51% drop in sexual harassment and discrimination claims in the last year. That statistic would be good news if not for a 14% increase in calls to the organisation’s helpline seeking advice on harassment at work. According to The […]

    How to deal with sexual harassment at work

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    The world has come a long way on gender equality, but statistics show one in two women in the UK has been the victim of sexual harassment at work – and that’s not even counting the men who are being preyed upon. Finding yourself in a difficult situation is disheartening and many feel embarrassed about […]

    HR staff ‘has felt physically threatened at work’

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    Nearly one in seven HR staff has felt physically threatened at work, highlighting growing concerns about the impact of disputes in the workplace, new research from MetLife Employee Benefits shows. The nationwide study found 47% of HR departments have seen an increase in the number of disputes among staff over the past two years as […]