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    Bullying is systemic in the workplace, despite WFH

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    Whilst we may not all be facing each other across our desks at the moment as we circumnavigate our way through Covid-19, bullying is still rife and systemic in the workplace, with cyber bullying in particular being driven higher by the pandemic, according to leaders in change management. As anti-bullying week (November 16th-20th) approaches, Thom Dennis, MD of […]

    CIPD: Return to work must be gradual and meet three key tests

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    New CIPD research suggests many workers are anxious about returning to their normal place of work, with a YouGov survey of 1,080 employees finding that: One in four (26%) people who’ve been attending their workplace during the COVID-19 pandemic say their employer is putting pressure on them to do so One in five (21%) people […]

    Survey: More support needed around menstruation in the workplace

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    CIPD training specialist DPG says its survey of 2,000 menstruators has revealed a significant period stigma in UK workplaces. Almost half of workers who experience periods (48%) say there is a noticeable stigma around the issue at the company they work for. This stigma was found to affect how people act at work, as three-quarters […]

    CIPD: AI and automation could increase job opportunities

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    The use of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation will have a widespread but mixed impact on jobs, new CIPD research shows. Overall, the says the introduction of these new technologies at work will see job opportunities grow, by enhancing roles, employee skills and their pay. However, lack of thought and planning on how people and […]

    8 of 10 Brits admit to ‘presenteeism’ in the workplace

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    ‘Presenteeism’ – that is, coming back to work when still ill – has more than tripled since 2010. According to a recent CIPD survey, 86 per cent of employees admitting they had observed Presenteeism in the workplace. Research by the Centre of Mental shows Presenteeism from Mental Health alone is estimated to cost the UK […]

    Salary expectations hit a new high in private sector

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    Almost half (49%) of employers considering a pay review over the course of the year are anticipating an increase to basic pay, according to new data from CIPD and Adecco’s Labour Market Outlook. However, 43% say it is unknown at this stage which way it will go. The findings of the Winter 2018-19 report [PDF] also […]

    Top tips to avoid the Blue Monday feeling

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    Blue Monday, January 21, is known for being the least motivated day of the year. Sue Andrews, senior HR professional and fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, looks at how you can prepare ahead of time to be ready for when that lack of motivation hits. Mondays are never easy, you’ve enjoyed […]

    Fat Cat Friday: Top execs have already earned an average worker’s wage

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    Top bosses are earning more than 133 times than the average worker, a new report by CIPD has found. It’s only the first week of January and plenty of us are still feeling the sting on our bank balances following the expenses of Christmas and New Year, however there are a select few whose wallets […]

    How to make sure you don’t burn out

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    As someone that works a lot of varied hours throughout the day, I often find those that have a more relaxed working life telling me that I should slow down before I burn out. Like a lot of assistants, I don’t purposely work so much that I burn out but I also don’t try to prevent it […]

    CIPD: Employers face increasing challenge in finding the people they need

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    The latest Labour Market Outlook from the CIPD and The Adecco Group shows that employers’ near-term employment expectations have risen to a five-year high. However, the report points out that the continued growth in demand for labour, while highlighting employer optimism, is set to lead to a further tightening of the UK labour market for […]

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