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    Despite everything, are you feeling closer to work colleagues now?

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    Half of UK workers feel they have grown closer to their colleagues during the pandemic – despite being forced to work separately from their homes. Research of 2,000 adults currently working remotely revealed 53 per cent believe they now have a better understanding of their colleagues as human beings. And 43 per cent think it’s […]

    What are your worst habits…?

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    Comfort eating, swearing, stressing – and spending too much time on social media are among the nation’s worst bad habits, apparently. How many apply to you, or your colleagues…? A poll of 2,000 Brits revealed the average adult has three irritating habits, with tucking into treats and food when they are feeling stressed or tired […]

    If you don’t like it, get off the bus!

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    “If you don’t like it, get off the bus” “No brainer” “Punch a puppy” If you’re irritated by office jargon, you’re not alone – and if you use phrases like these, you might want to think again, according to online recruitment giant Glassdoor. And the company has also offered tips for being a success with your […]

    Are your colleagues focused in meetings? Or planning dinner…?

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    If today’s meeting lacks focus, it could be that your staff and colleagues are actually thinking about something entirely different. According to new research, 38 per cent of office workers are thinking about what’s for dinner when they should be concentrating in meetings, with 37 per cent planning for the weekend and 13 per cent […]

    28% of UK employees have been tempted to cheat with a colleague

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    As many as 28 per cent of British employees have thought about cheating on their partners with someone they’ve met through work. According to a new poll undertaken by Kit Out My Office, 12 per cent of those who have considered it have followed through and engaged in sexual contact with a colleague. In addition, […]

    A quarter of Brits believe their colleagues are lazy

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    Brits feel that their colleagues are lazy, with only 68 per cent revealing that their co-workers are good at the job. Research carried out by Dropbox in conjunction with The School of Life of 2,000 workers found that a quarter (23 per cent) think of their colleagues as lazy. However, respondents also enjoyed being idle […]

    5 tips for working with difficult people

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    Let’s face it – we’re human beings, so we’re never going to get along with everyone. When you work closely with colleagues every day, you pick up on their more annoying qualities very quickly, and some co-workers are worse than others. In a recent article for Forbes, career coach Caroline Ceniza-Levine gives her top five […]

    Office workers confess their shameful sins

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    Recent data suggests UK office workers are taking less time off work in the wake of Brexit, but a new survey by online coffee retailer Novell Coffee finds they’re still managing to misbehave. The survey of 10,000 people revealed some of the most shameful since employees have committed at the office, with a third admitting […]

    Cut out these annoying phrases at the office for your New Year’s resolution

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    Traditionally, New Year’s resolutions are often set as personal goals to better ourselves, ranging from visiting the gym more often through to learning a new language. For 2017, Kit Out My Office wants colleagues across the UK to come together and set a New Year’s resolution for their team – to stamp out the most […]

    Survey reveals Britain’s worst colleagues

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    Workplaces around the UK are apparently filled with nightmare colleagues who make their fellow employees’ lives hell. That’s the finding of national workplace law consultancy Protecting.co.uk, which says that bosses tend to struggle with problem employees because they are worried about being drawn into wrongful dismissal cases. But as Protecting.co.uk says, managers and workers alike have […]