Office workers confess their shameful sins

More than half of line managers aren't trained to deal with workplace conflicts

Recent data suggests UK office workers are taking less time off work in the wake of Brexit, but a new survey by online coffee retailer Novell Coffee finds they’re still managing to misbehave.

The survey of 10,000 people revealed some of the most shameful since employees have committed at the office, with a third admitting to skipping out on making teas and coffees for their colleagues. Those in the North East seem to be the most likely to shy from drinks duties, with 39% saying they’re not doing their fair share, compared to just 20% of Londoners.

Even though attendance is up across the country, 27% of respondents confessed to faking an illness to get an extra day off. Generation Y is the guiltiest group, with nearly half of 18 to 24 year olds saying they’ve pulled a sickie in the past.

Proving that office workers will find any way to sneak around, 21% said they’ve set their browsers to ‘incognito’ mode to do some dodgy browsing on work computers. Meanwhile, 19% revealed they’ve fallen asleep during meetings, with men much more likely to catch some shuteye than women (almost a quarter, compared to 10% of women).

Office warfare has come to the fore recently, with employees taking to social media to call out their colleagues on stealing their lunches, a sin that only 8% of those surveyed admitted to. However, 17% those in the East of England say anything left in the fridge is fair game. In retaliation for pilfered food, 10% of respondents said they’ve left passive-aggressive notes for their co-workers.

So much for peace at work.

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