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Britain’s overtime culture ‘putting lives at risk at the wheel’

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A survey of British workers has exposed how the UK’s overtime culture is putting drivers at risk at the wheel, owing to poor sleep, pressure to respond quickly and stress and distraction.  The research1 by business insurer NFU Mutual found that more than a third of people who work full or part time in the UK […]


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Apparently so… Pregnant women on public transport are no longer being offered a seat, with only six in 10 commuters offering their place. A new study of 2,000 regular users of public transport has also found that one in four commuters hadn’t given up their seat for a ‘pregnant’ woman in case she wasn’t actually […]

Brits spend £48K over a lifetime getting to work

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British commuters face the longest journey times in Europe, but a new study reveals they also pay on average £48,000 over their lifetime for the pleasure of getting to work. With the average British working life now spanning 47 years, long commute times add up to more than a year of an employee’s life spent […]

Rail fares and industrial action are costing London its talent

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As commuting prices soar and strikes continue to be a regular sight, recruits are increasingly shunning the capital in favour of cutting the costs of commuting. Research by recruiter the MRL Group revealed that working locally could save employees around £5,000 a year on travel fees. MRL’s new recruit, Jack Emmingham, joined the company after […]