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      Rail fares and industrial action are costing London its talent

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      As commuting prices soar and strikes continue to be a regular sight, recruits are increasingly shunning the capital in favour of cutting the costs of commuting.

      Research by recruiter the MRL Group revealed that working locally could save employees around £5,000 a year on travel fees. MRL’s new recruit, Jack Emmingham, joined the company after six and a half years of London commuting cost him around £31,000, or £4,800 per year. Commuting from Brighton, Emmingham was able to cut out the three hour round trip to the City by working at Hove-based MRL.

      “There’s a common misconception that in order to have a career and earn significant money you need to be in the Capital,” said Jack Emmingham, principal consultant at MRL. “I now enjoy a substantially reduced journey and, while I still get the train, I always get a seat, I have more disposable income thanks to a much cheaper journey, and I arrive feeling relaxed and ready for the day ahead.”

      The trend seems to be heading towards working closer to home for many, according to the company, which believe a number of people are tired of the “astronomical” prices and are choosing instead to achieve a greater work-life balance. For MRL Group, it means that London talent is now up for grabs.

      “We’re certainly taking advantage of it!” said David Stone, MRL’s chief executive. “With the chaos commuters have to endure using Southern Rail – not to mention the real dent in their pockets due to rail prices rising well above inflation year on year – it’s not surprising that we are seeing talent exit the Capital.”

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