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    Research indicates business travel programmes ignore minority travellers

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    A Business Travel Show poll of 114 European travel buyers has revealed that many travel programmes are ignoring the specific needs of minority travellers. For example, just 13 per cent of travel programmes have been created with special consideration for younger travellers, even though millennials account for half of the UK workforce and almost one […]

    Top tips for tackling diversity in the office

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    The lack of diversity across the UK’s private sector is no new surprise. Disconcerting statistics surrounding the lack of diversity found within the UK’s workforce have highlighted that only two per cent of directors are from an ethnic minority background, despite 59 per cent of the ethnic minority workforce aspiring to reach management positions. As a society of business leaders, decision-makers, professionals and […]

    Seven attributes that make the perfect team

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    Steve Norris, sales director and workplace channel lead at Nestlé Professional® shares the ingredients that make up the perfect team “As part of the Nestle Professional ‘Making Work Work’ research we asked 2,000 employees and managers in businesses across Britain what the most important factors were in making up the perfect team. We also conducted in-depth interviews […]

    Opinion: Why hiring white women isn’t enough

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    The risk of solely hiring ‘more women’ (which often just means privileged white women) is that it limits the benefits of greater diversity, Hephzi Pemberton founder and CEO of Equality Group tells HR Magazine.  I am a white woman, and a classic example of the kind of woman who tends to be found in financial and […]

    Recruiters say ‘Achieving Diversity Targets’ is their biggest challenge

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    Last year, the number of graduates hired by organisations featured in The Times Top 100 Graduate Employers fell by 4.9% – the first drop in graduate recruitment for five years and the biggest annual fall recorded since 2009. so far in 2018, the outlook is cautiously optimistic, with graduate recruitment among the country’s top employers […]

    The need for a ‘Being Human’ Culture

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    By: Lisa Marshall Companies that promote a ‘human culture,’ where people feel comfortable being themselves, can often be the most successful. Workplaces that casting a focus on employee personalities and their need for different ways of working, often have a highly dedicated and motivated workforce. This is because the employee feels valued. Employees who feel […]

    Google employee dismissed over anti-diversity comments

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    A Google employee who posted a controversial memo to colleagues has been fired, according to the BBC. The memo, which was posted on an internal company forum, sparked outrage after arguing that women often find themselves earning less than men down to ‘biological causes’. “We need to stop assuming that gender gaps imply sexism,” explained […]

    Offices urged to reflect a diverse Britain

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    Workplaces need to do more to embrace their diverse workforce, according to new figures that show Brits are still feeling discriminated against in the office. Inspiring Inclusion in the Workplace by Badenoch and Clark has revealed that although businesses have grown significantly more diverse in the past 50 years, office culture still has some catching […]

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