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Top five Apps that make eco-friendly travel easy

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By Lillian Connors, Senior Content Developer, ACT-ENVIRO Technology makes everything much easier than when you compare it to a few decades ago. Nearly everything is within our fingertips. Everything is online these days, thanks to those applications that we tap on our smartphones. If you need food, you can just order online. If you need new clothes, […]

How to lower your carbon footprint this Christmas

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As well as our waistlines getting a little bigger over the holiday season, so does our carbon footprint. From Christmas trees to cards and presents, and of course a Christmas dinner, we go through a whopping amount of resources at Christmas. Research from the Stockholm Environment Institute found that over the three days of Christmas […]

Five ways to be green in 2021 and 20 acts that will give you a ‘green glow’

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According to a recent study, three quarters of adults get a ‘green glow’ from doing something positive for the environment. A feeling of joy comes from sorting the recycling into the correct boxes, batch cooking to minimise food waste, and by purchasing second-hand clothes. Other satisfying tasks include buying eco-friendly tech, cycling or walking instead of […]

How green is your office?

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Green Office Week is back for its 10th year, and its organiser Avery UK is on hand to encourage more offices to be eco-friendly. Using the 5 Rs; reduce, re-use, recycle, refuse and repurpose, Avery UK aims to generate more awareness of all five Rs to demonstrate there is still more that Brits can do […]