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How green is your office?

Green Office Week is back for its 10th year, and its organiser Avery UK is on hand to encourage more offices to be eco-friendly.

Using the 5 Rs; reduce, re-use, recycle, refuse and repurpose, Avery UK aims to generate more awareness of all five Rs to demonstrate there is still more that Brits can do to be greener.

Following the results of its Green Office Week research of over 500 customers, the firm discovered that 52 per cent thought they were personally very green at work, while two per cent revealed they weren’t green at all.

Despite this, three quarters of UK workers wished that they employer would do more for the environment.

“We’ve seen so many changes in attitudes to green issues over the last ten years and sustainability is a much bigger issue for businesses these days,” said Fiona Mills, marketing director at Avery UK.

“However, it still isn’t the norm in all UK offices which is why we continue to put eco-issues in the spotlight each year.

!It’s never too late to get involved in Green Office Week, whether you make big changes throughout the week or implement something small on the final day, you will have made a difference. We’d just love to hear what UK offices are doing so we can share the fantastic work taking place around the UK.”

However, recycling is becoming the norm for many businesses as 97 per cent of respondents reveal that they do recycle at work.

Meanwhile, half of UK offices have someone in their workplace who is responsible for green issues and eight out of ten respondents are buying eco-friendly products, where possible.