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Expert’s 9 tips for employee performance in the cost of living crisis

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As the cost of living crisis continues, employers must recognise the importance of supporting their employees during these challenging times. From both a business and human perspective. Financial stress can significantly impact employee wellbeing, job satisfaction, and productivity. As a result, many organisations are taking steps to provide support and alleviate some of the financial […]

Employee engagement highest in environmentally conscious organisations

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Prioritising environmental and societal impact is becoming the leading indicator of employee engagement. Employees who feel that their organisations are environmentally-conscious are 2.3 times more engaged at work 80% of employees feel that their organisation cares about having a positive impact on the environment in data collected from 35,000 respondents Out of those, 84% would […]

Engage staff, or lose them as the economy re-opens

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Debra Clark, Head of Specialist Consulting at Towergate Health & Protection, warns employers: If you do not engage with your staff, you will lose them… This is particularly important as the economy starts to reopen and people take stock of their working lives. The comment may seem stark following such difficult times during the pandemic, […]

Opinion: Bin the bonuses for a happier workplace

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We understand that not everyone reading this will receive regular bonuses at work but the idea that scrapping the bonus system altogether could actually make your employees happier, doesn’t seem like it should work. However, for some employers, by binning the bonus, they have found their staff work harder and seem to be happier, shares  […]

Success factors in driving engagement with your event audience

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Event and creative agency Worldspan discusses the benefits and success markers of effective event engagement. If there’s a buzzword that’s at the forefront of discussions about event formats and strategy, it’s the word engagement. From apps to social media, networking and collaborative tools, live engagement tools extend the life cycle of events. With a growing […]

One for the boss: 10 ways managers can stay engaged

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A lot of business sites offer advice for keeping employees engaged, but many people forget that managers have to be invested in the goings-on of the company too. With that in mind, Business 2 Community came up with a list of 10 ways managers can stay engaged. 1 Take a risk – Step outside of […]

Third of UK employees disappointed with their career progression

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A third (33%) of UK employees say their career progression to date has failed to meet their expectations, with poor advice one of the reasons cited as stopping them from getting into the right jobs and bad line management preventing them from getting on once in work. This is according the latest Employee Outlook Survey: […]