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      One for the boss: 10 ways managers can stay engaged

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      A lot of business sites offer advice for keeping employees engaged, but many people forget that managers have to be invested in the goings-on of the company too. With that in mind, Business 2 Community came up with a list of 10 ways managers can stay engaged.

      1 Take a risk – Step outside of your comfort zone and try something new with your business strategy. Taking a small risk is a good way to maintain your excitement about the company.

      2 Meet with your team – Schedule one-to-one meetings with your employees on a regular basis. This will help you keep up with what they’re doing and both of you will stay engaged.

      3 Set goals and make them public – Define goals for yourself and the team, and be sure to let them know what those goals are and how they fit into them. Remember that involvement equals engagement.

      4 Brainstorm – Get your team members together on a regular basis to brainstorm new ideas. You’ll gain insight from others while keeping everyone involved in the loop.

      5 Show off your skills – Don’t downplay your own skills. Just because you’ve made it to a position of authority doesn’t mean you can slow down. Consider mentoring your employees to pass on your business acumen.

      6 Continue learning – As in point five, you shouldn’t stop learning as a manager. Find ways to improve your skills and learn new ones throughout your career to keep yourself motivated and stay engaged.

      7 Listen to feedback – Ask your employees to report on how you’re doing and really listen to what they’re saying. Use these comments as a guide for moving forward in your career.

      8 Find a mentor – It’s said that the best way to become a mentor is to first become a mentee. Try to emulate what they do for you when you take someone under your own wing.

      9 Delegate – Don’t be afraid to give up control – and that means trusting your PA to do whatever he or she can to help you! Your employees are there to support you, so give them work to do in order to free up your time so you can focus on the important things.

      10 Take a break – Managers often fall into the trap of working too hard and too much to take a holiday. Use your time off to reset and give your employees a break from you too. When you come back, you and the team will be set to take on new challenges and stay engaged.

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