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      Gender care gap ‘costing women at work’

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      Research from AIG Life shows a gender care gap is costing women at work as they manage the majority of child care and often also care for elderly relatives. AIG’s study of more than 3,000 adults found women are nearly three times more likely to have to take time off work to look after children. The research […]

      Five empowering tips for women in the workplace

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      By Emma Howe, Sales and Events Director at Street Feast  Gender equality in the workplace is the best it’s ever been but despite this, women are still largely underrepresented at every level of business. Things are starting to improve, explicit gender bias is less common, due to tougher legislation and an increased focus on diversity […]

      Top tips for tackling diversity in the office

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      The lack of diversity across the UK’s private sector is no new surprise. Disconcerting statistics surrounding the lack of diversity found within the UK’s workforce have highlighted that only two per cent of directors are from an ethnic minority background, despite 59 per cent of the ethnic minority workforce aspiring to reach management positions. As a society of business leaders, decision-makers, professionals and […]

      Almost one year on and the gender pay gap is wider than ever

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      Depressingly, the gender pay gap is wider than ever, according to latest Financial Times research. Almost a year on since the implementation of businesses having to report their gender pay gap and four out of ten companies stating that the gap has increased. Why, when so much focus on businesses to improve gender equality has […]

      3 in 5 UK industries are still sexist towards female applicants – but Admin a leader in gender-neutral language

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      Despite the best efforts of pro-diversity and equal opportunity drives, it would seem that three out of five industries are still sexist towards female applicants. New data from job ads search engine specialist has revealed the level of gender-bias across the UK’s job market and its industries through gender-coded language present in job ads. […]

      Seven attributes that make the perfect team

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      Steve Norris, sales director and workplace channel lead at Nestlé Professional® shares the ingredients that make up the perfect team “As part of the Nestle Professional ‘Making Work Work’ research we asked 2,000 employees and managers in businesses across Britain what the most important factors were in making up the perfect team. We also conducted in-depth interviews […]

      Opinion: It’s a man’s world

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      We spend around a third of our life at work, so as you can imagine it must be difficult to feel like you don’t fit in with others. Vincenzo Ferrara, staff writer at PA Life, talks about why treating male and female assistants as equals is crucial. I recently heard a story from a respected […]

      Think before you volunteer for that thankless work task

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      New academic research from the US indicates that reluctant volunteers in a work environment are more likely to be female than male. The paper, highlighted in the Harvard Business Review, conducted both laboratory and field studies to analyse who was most likely to take on ‘non-promotable tasks’ as part of their 9-to-5. In this instance, non-promotable tasks […]

      One in three employers won’t hire a transgender candidate

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      A new report has revealed a strong prejudice among UK companies, with one in three admitting they are less likely to hire a transgender worker and 43 per cent ‘unsure’. The survey identified the retail sector as having the highest number (47 per cent) of businesses unlikely to employ a transgender, followed by IT (45 […]

      Pay gap ‘virtually extinct’ for self-employed and freelance workers

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      New research has revealed that the gender pay gap is ‘virtually extinct’ among freelancers and self-employed workers in the UK. The news comes as many men and women across the country have set their Out Of Office as part of Equal Pay Day, which marks the day the average woman is no longer being paid […]