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    What is intersectionality? And why do labels at work increase discrimination?

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    Intersectionality is one of the most important ways to help support diversity, inclusion and equality according to leadership experts, so why is labelling at work still such a problem? Intersectionality relates to how different parts of our identity merge and how this influences our interactions with the world, as well as how the world interacts […]

    Economist research highlights DEI trust deficit

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    New research conducted by Economist Impact and commissioned by Zellis has revealed enthusiasm among British and Irish workers to contribute to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) programmes by providing personal information. However, many organisations are far behind where they must be to build the trust needed to gather that data, most notably by a lack […]

    13 ways to develop sustainable company values

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    Millennials in particular are more likely to spend money with a company, or consider joining their workforce, if it has clear business ethics that align with their own, or if the business shows corporate social responsibility or clear integrity.  These younger consumers are extremely important not least because have also have the loudest voices on […]

    Over a third of UK adults have suffered discrimination at work

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    Over a third of British adults (36%) report having experienced some form of discrimination in the workplace or when job hunting, study finds. New research into workplace discrimination, commissioned by HR software provider CIPHR, reveals just how widespread employment bias is in the UK. On average, one in six people (16%) report having suffered ageism, […]

    Which country has the best maternity leave policy?

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    Women make up nearly half of the total labour force in several countries and spend nearly twice as much time on unpaid labour (like childcare and housework) than their male counterparts. The trend towards longer parental leave is helping to address this inequality, but it’s worth noting that maternity leave still varies widely from country to country. […]

    Men ‘unsure of how to support gender equality’

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    98% of women want men to help address gender inequality issues, yet less than half of men indicated being ready to help. That’s according to a study conducted by LEWIS in support of the global HeForShe movement, showing the impact and perceptions of gender inequities during the pandemic across 13 countries. The report reveals women are looking for active support […]

    LIFT aims to advance gender equality on a global scale

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    The international Smart Advancing Women (iSAW) organisation will launch a global platform for professional women, LIFT (Learning and Intelligence For Tomorrow), on March 8th to coincide with International Women’s Day. Powered by Unily, LIFT is described as an ‘innovative learning and intelligence habitat for women to collaborate and hone their professional and technical skills and personal […]

    Research says women receive up to £20k less per men when working the same hours

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    A new study has analysed the UK’s working hours to find out which industries and cities put in the most hours per week. Using ONS ASHE data, UK payments specialist Merchant Machine also looked into pay to highlight whether the hours we put in is reflected in our pay. You can view the graphic here. […]

    Half of employers still discriminating applicants against appearance

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    More than half of British employers admitted to making a decision not to employ someone – because they didn’t like the way they looked. A study of 1,000 bosses found that despite UK employment laws banning employers from discriminating against anyone because of their sex, religion or other personal characteristics, many are doing so anyway. […]

    Research indicates business travel programmes ignore minority travellers

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    A Business Travel Show poll of 114 European travel buyers has revealed that many travel programmes are ignoring the specific needs of minority travellers. For example, just 13 per cent of travel programmes have been created with special consideration for younger travellers, even though millennials account for half of the UK workforce and almost one […]