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A recent survey commissioned by eyesight experts All About Vision has revealed the impact lockdown on British workers eyesight. During COVID, many respondents reported that they had experienced an increase in eye related problems – with 25% saying their vision had worsened and 38% having suffered with more headaches now than they did before lockdown. […]

Are you damaging your eyes working from home?

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Millions of Brits are at risk of doing long-term damage to their eyesight – as the effects of working from home through the winter are felt. Eyecare experts have warned that as natural light dwindles in the daytime, adults will be putting excess strain on their eyes. And research of 2,000 adults who are working […]

Five easy exercises to improve eye strain while working from home

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Lenstore has partnered with yoga teacher Phoebe Greenacre to produce a step-by-step video illustrating some exercises that will help reduce eye fatigue. The five exercises are: Palming Rub your palms together to create heat and place your hands over your eyes for 10 seconds. This will allow any tension accumulated in the back of your eyes to […]