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    Five easy exercises to improve eye strain while working from home

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    Lenstore has partnered with yoga teacher Phoebe Greenacre to produce a step-by-step video illustrating some exercises that will help reduce eye fatigue.

    The five exercises are:


    Rub your palms together to create heat and place your hands over your eyes for 10 seconds. This will allow any tension accumulated in the back of your eyes to slowly decrease.

    Rapid Blinking

    Blink very fast for 10-15 seconds and then allow your eyes to close, settle, and soften. This exercise is particularly helpful for releasing your eyes from dryness and overuse.


    Roll your eyes repeatedly clockwise and anti-clockwise. This is particularly good as it may help with strengthening your eye muscles and enhance the shape of both eyes.


    This exercise is great for focusing on and strengthening eye muscles.

    • First, focus on an object in the distance and stay there for a few seconds.
    • Second, move your focus onto an object closer to you and again, gaze at it for a few seconds.
    • Third, move your focus to something close to you like your thumb.
    • Finally reverse the gaze, starting from the middle object moving to the faraway one, and repeating these movements for a couple of minutes.

    Figure of Eight

    Raise your hand in front of you at eye level, extend your thumb, and focus on it while drawing a figure of eight shape in the air. After 30 seconds, switch directions.


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