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      Fitbit’s top tips for keeping employees fit while working from home

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      With recent studies revealing the UK is on the brink of a mental health crisis, Fitbit in collaboration with James Stirling has shared some tips on how you can ensure your employees are mentally and physically fit whilst WFH. The basis for the recommendations come after these recent studies revealed: ·         […]

      #LCPSUnwrapped May 12–13: An online festival of content

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      The team at Story Events didn’t want the original dates of the London Christmas Party Show (May 12th-13th) to go by unacknowledged so have put together a host of free online content to help enrich bodies and minds during the lockdown period… #LCPSUnwrapped is a two-day festival of online content for the events industry, made up of seminars, a roundtable […]

      More than 60% of the nation plan ‘self-improvement’ during the lockdown

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      Two thirds of locked-down Brits want to have ‘achieved’ something by the time they’re allowed back out into the world. A study of 2,000 adults found 16 per cent will learn how to grow vegetables, a quarter will master another language – and a tenth will become press-up champions. More than 60 per cent are […]

      Over 40? It’s the knees, joints and eyes that start to go first…

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      Our bodies start to fail us from head to toe during our forties – with knees, joints and eyes all starting to show signs of wear and tear. A poll of 2,000 adults found on average, knees start to creak at the age of 47, hearing deteriorates at 49 and the back ‘goes’ as early […]

      Do you suffer from ‘gymtimidation’?

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      One in four women suffer from “gymtimidation”- shying away from exercise for fear of being judged, a study has found. Almost half of women have at some point felt negatively judged when working out – with this number highest for those aged 18-24, with a huge 70 per cent feeling this way. Thirty-seven per cent […]

      What would happen to your body if you swapped your car for a bike?

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      Cycling to work is better for your health, mentally and physically. The UK is a nation of hardcore commuters. The average worker in the UK today will spend over a year of their life commuting to and from — and it’s taking its toll on us mentally and physically. Merlin Cycles challenged the commuting status […]

      Opinion: No Year’s Resolutions

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      Every year on December 31, when the clock strikes midnight we make personal promises to ourselves that we will change our lifestyle to become better people, with most of us give up on these goals within a month. Amy Gallagher, founder and director of Tula Wellness reminisces about why she gave up making New Year’s resolutions.  […]

      The small things that have big health benefits

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      The reason many of us fail in the campaign to become fit and healthy is because of the complete overhaul we try to force on our lifestyle but instead of completely changing your lifestyle, Vincenzo Ferrara looks at how a few small changes can help you smash your goal. There are many diets, fads and […]

      What will be the most downloaded Apps in January 2019?

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      January is a time for reinvention and making yourself the best version of ‘you’ that you can be, with a lot of us relying on our smartphones to aid our journey. Apps have never been as popular as they are today, with an average of nearly 1,500 new apps uploaded to app stores a day […]

      Focus point: Spa and country retreats (January 2019)

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      PA Life will be focussing on spa and country retreats throughout the month of January. Following a heavy few weeks of consuming turkey and buckets of Quality Street, the editorial desk at PA Life wanted to focus on spa and country retreats throughout January. We know January can be a month of depressing weather and […]