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Avatraxx fitness app changes our habits with personalised avatars


Avatraxx is a fitness app that uses personalised avatars to help people change habits, with tailor-made programmes that set them up on realistic programmes that will help them lead healthier lives and prevent future health issues.

The avatars show the users their changing body shapes over time as they get healthier or unhealthier, depending on their lifestyle choices, all based on data they input into the app.  The Avatraxx app uses predictive tech to empower people to prevent future health issues by encouraging them to change their habits one small step at a time, with daily reminders and support available, and tracking their changes.

Each user has a human personal trainer who also has an avatar on their app,  to work with them to define and reach their goals by slowly changing habits and getting healthier, or to get them back on track if they are not doing so well. What’s so motivating and empowering is that users can track the changes, and prevent future health issues so that users can see via their personal avatars and can see how they will look further down line based on their current habits (sleep, nutrition, activity and mental health).  See below sample predictive women’s and men’s avatars.

Cost-effective health and fitness programmes for companies

Initially aimed at companies that want cost-effective programmes to empower their staff to lead healthier lives it can also be used by individuals and by personal trainers to work with their clients between training sessions.

• Tech that predicts the future health of each user based on four lifestyle choices, sleep, nutrition, activity and mental health
• Personalised real-time avatars to support and encourage healthy living and prevent future health problems
• Avatars show changing body shapes empowering users to change unhealthy habits
• Personalised avatars of personal trainers/coaches create tailor-made programmes for each user
• An affordable way to have personal coaching at work for teams and individuals

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