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    Secretarial roles enjoy closest equal pay

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    New research from online bank Starling reveals that the gender pay gap is present in 2019 across all but one industry – skilled agricultural workers, such as senior farmers and landscape designers. But PAs and secretarial roles have a slimmer pay gap, the research shows. The remaining 25 industries analysed revealed men to be consistently occupying […]

    Gender care gap ‘costing women at work’

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    Research from AIG Life shows a gender care gap is costing women at work as they manage the majority of child care and often also care for elderly relatives. AIG’s study of more than 3,000 adults found women are nearly three times more likely to have to take time off work to look after children. The research […]

    Five empowering tips for women in the workplace

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    By Emma Howe, Sales and Events Director at Street Feast  Gender equality in the workplace is the best it’s ever been but despite this, women are still largely underrepresented at every level of business. Things are starting to improve, explicit gender bias is less common, due to tougher legislation and an increased focus on diversity […]

    Times have changed – And it’s time the workplace did too

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    Workplace culture is a hot topic and one that never fails to raise a reaction. Harpreet Singh, Executive Director at technology and management consultancy Brickendon offers some thoughts… In November 2018, tens of thousands of Google employees conducted a worldwide walkout targeting workplace culture less than a year after the internet giant topped Fortune magazine’s list of best […]

    IWD2019: Six ways to help bridge the gender pay gap in the UK

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    A new study by TUC suggests the average woman work for ‘for free’ for the first two months of the year as it has been revealed there is a whopping 17.9 per cent difference in earnings between women and men. The UK’s gender gap has fallen to its lowest level ever for full-time employees at 8.6 per cent, according […]

    Think before you volunteer for that thankless work task

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    New academic research from the US indicates that reluctant volunteers in a work environment are more likely to be female than male. The paper, highlighted in the Harvard Business Review, conducted both laboratory and field studies to analyse who was most likely to take on ‘non-promotable tasks’ as part of their 9-to-5. In this instance, non-promotable tasks […]

    Women *still* facing discrimination over family plans

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    Here’s another one to file under ‘how depressing’… a new survey has revealed that almost one in three bosses wouldn’t hire a female applicant in case they become pregnant soon. This form of employment discrimination is illegal, of course, but that hasn’t stopped senior executives from passing over women during the recruitment process. Indeed, some […]

    Tech firm seeks first chief feminism officer to face gender equality

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    For the first time, a UK tech company has advertised for a chief feminism officer to join its firm. The company, which has requested to remain anonymous, is seeking the interim chief feminism officer, after noticing it was performing poorly on gender equality. The CFO’s main responsibilities include female recruitment, supporting and mentoring existing female […]

    Senior women’s salary expectations ‘lag behind men’s’

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    Women are asking for lower pay than their male counterparts for identical senior roles, according to new research. The study of over 6,000 senior executives by Norrie Johnston Recruitment (NJR) found a 25% difference between the salaries expected by male and female non-executive directors; male non-exec directors (NEDs) on average are looking for an annual […]

    Five-point action plan seeks to address gender imbalance in the workplace

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    Timewise and Deloitte have published a report highlighting the practical solutions they say are needed to transform working practices that exacerbate gender imbalance across the UK. The five-point action plan, A Manifesto for Change: A Modern Workplace for a Flexible Workforce, aims to enable UK businesses to bring about the change needed to address outdated working practices, […]