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Top tips for introvert PAs to get noticed in the office

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Within any office there always seem to be those that progress up the company ladder much quicker than the rest, if you’re introvert and a PA we hope that with our help, you’ll progress up the ladder. Vincenzo Ferrara looks at the top tips for introvert PAs to get noticed in the office. We get […]

4 tips for choosing the perfect corporate gift

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Steve King is director at the gifting specialists Bottled & Boxed. Here, he gives his top tips for ensuring you pick the perfect corporate gift each and every time. As a personal or executive assistant, you won’t be phased by the daily to-do lists and busy days. However, when the time comes to pick a […]

Four things you should be doing to prepare for a big meeting

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Business meetings often require a substantial degree of preparation; we tirelessly brainstorm, work collectively to ensure all necessary paperwork is in order, rehearse our presentations to within an inch of perfection and hope that in turn, we’ll close the deal. However, whilst our track record might boast regular success, meetings sometimes don’t go quite to […]