Four things you should be doing to prepare for a big meeting

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Business meetings often require a substantial degree of preparation; we tirelessly brainstorm, work collectively to ensure all necessary paperwork is in order, rehearse our presentations to within an inch of perfection and hope that in turn, we’ll close the deal.

However, whilst our track record might boast regular success, meetings sometimes don’t go quite to plan. Whether our potential client leaves without signing on the dotted line or the meeting simply doesn’t spark excitement among our employees, it seems there is always room for improvement. Although, we needn’t stick to the status quo in the ways in which we ensure our meetings intrigue their attendees; there are many unique techniques we can use to make a positive impression.

To help your readers prepare for big meetings, renowned chef George Rouse would love to discuss 4 unique things they should be doing; from researching guests and providing their favourite appetisers to sending preliminary agendas.

Research your guests in advance

As you welcome potential clients into your meeting room, it’s important to be prepared with a complete understanding of the company’s ethos and needs. If you are equipped with succinct background information, you’ll be able to provide informative, insightful feedback and won’t be startled by unexpected queries.

For many, this suggestion will seem rather mundane… “of course we research potential clients”. However, going that little step further by researching this organisation in depth, along with their competitors, will ensure you appear proactive as you’re able to propose cross-departmental collaborations and assistance, highlighting areas of weakness that they themselves may not even be aware of.

Butter them up with their favourite treat

Meetings can often go on for a while, especially if you have a lot of points to cover. As a result, making sure your guests remain engaged throughout can be a struggle; often, our minds easily drift to the thought of lunch or clocking off for a relaxed dinner.

To keep your guests focused, meanwhile ensuring they feel satisfied and fully catered for, provide appetisers and snacks throughout. Or, if you’re hosting a lunch meeting, consider providing a meal over your discussions. This will help to break the ice, will show your willingness to go above and beyond and will highlight the quality of your service.

Investing in this additional extra will go a long way in securing potential clients who may be considering rival companies; setting you apart from the crowd, offering tempting treats will ensure you’re remembered as the business that knows exactly how to keep people happy

Send preliminary agendas

Meetings typically require a member of staff to take down the minutes, keeping notes of the main points made. However, it may also be beneficial to send a preliminary agenda before the meeting even begins; of course, you may feel fully prepared for a meeting, but it’s also important to ensure that your colleagues are on the same page. Having all your ducks in a row requires you and your team to all understand goals for the meeting and your individual responsibilities; consolidating this in a written agenda will help staff as they’re no longer required to rely solely on verbal communications.

Don’t let the weather beat you

If there’s anything us Brits have learnt this week, it’s that a heatwave can stop almost everything in its tracks. Don’t let the weather diminish enthusiasm within your meetings; if it’s hot, shake things up and provide delicious, refreshing drinks; from non-alcoholic cocktails to healthy, energising smoothies. Alternatively, if you’re experiencing a winter chill, offer a complimentary hot chocolate or gingerbread lattes; show your creativity in more ways than one!

 George Rouse

George Rouse

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