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Who are the most irritating people in your office?

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Bob, John and Dave are the UK’s most irritating employees, with negative attitudes, lacklustre work ethics and an unwillingness to be team players. That’s according to a survey from Instaprint, which polled 1,000 British managers on the most irritating habits of UK employees, as well as revealing the top 10 names of the most hated […]

Think training is over-rated? Over half of staff would leave their jobs if not offered it

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The importance of providing training to staff has been highlighted in a recent survey. The survey, by business print provider Instantprint, revealed that 56 per cent of workers would leave their current role if their employers stopped providing training, and nearly one-third (31 per cent) have previously left a position because of this issue. It […]

Would you reveal your WhatsApp messages to your boss?

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Having control of your privacy has never been more important to Brits, especially since the implementation of the new GDPR law and scandals such as Cambridge Analytica and Facebook. In fact, it’s so important to some employees that 43 per cent would request a payrise in order to show their boss their WhatsApp messages. In […]