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Would you reveal your WhatsApp messages to your boss?

Having control of your privacy has never been more important to Brits, especially since the implementation of the new GDPR law and scandals such as Cambridge Analytica and Facebook.

In fact, it’s so important to some employees that 43 per cent would request a payrise in order to show their boss their WhatsApp messages.

In a study commissioned by 4Media of 500 smartphone users across the UK, instantprint discovered that 21 per cent of workers would never consider divulging the details of their messages.

Elsewhere, 36 per cent said they would never allow their superior to borrow their phone under any circumstances. However, in comparison 17 per cent are extremely likely to do so.

“The Cambridge Analytica scandal and GDPR have really opened people’s eyes to what information companies have on them,” said Adam Carnell, co-founder of instantprint.

“It’s key for all companies to have a social media policy in place and handle their employee data with care. The landscape can be tough for small businesses, but that doesn’t mean they can compromise the security of their data.”

“43 per cent would request a payrise in order to show their boss their WhatsApp messages.”

Despite the Facebook scandal earlier this year, respondents are happy to continue using the social platform, as 55 per cent would rather ditch alcohol, chocolate or their holidays for 12 months then delete their Facebook account.

Although many employees are reluctant to share their personal information with a manager, the study found that staff are willing to part with embarrassing details about themselves if it could potentially further their career.

For example, 22 per cent claimed they would accept an interview for their dream job, even if it meant disclosing their browsing history to the interviewer.

So, would you share your personal information to further your career? Let us know on Twitter @PALifeMag.