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How to succeed in a PA job interview

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Leaving the interview room with a feeling of pride and success should be a guarantee after your PA job interview, says Evie Courtier from SecsintheCity, the UK’s leading job site for PAs, EAs, and other business support professionals. You can now discover the latest jobs on SecsintheCity job board right here at at How […]

Top interview tips for candidates

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Job interviews can cause even the most confident individual to feel nervous. Here experts provide their top five tips for bossing it… Lean forward to show you’re engaged Liz Sebag‑Montefiore, Director and Co‑Founder of 10Eighty, suggests that leaning forward when answering a question in a job interview lets your interviewer know you’re engaged and paying attention. In […]

Top tips on handling inappropriate interview questions

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Job interviews are often intense and gruelling processes, where candidates face multiple tough questions to determine their suitability for any given role. However, there are lines of questioning that are, in fact, unsuitable and Jon Watkins, Director of Employability at The University of Law Business School has looked in detail at what you shouldn’t be asked in an interview setting. Questions about […]