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How to succeed in a PA job interview


Leaving the interview room with a feeling of pride and success should be a guarantee after your PA job interview, says Evie Courtier from SecsintheCity, the UK’s leading job site for PAs, EAs, and other business support professionals.

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How to succeed in a PA job interview

Evie brings you the latest PA interview tips including how to conduct yourself during an interview and the necessity of preparation, plus the best ways to leave a lasting impression.

The Logistics
From a practical point of view, it’s useful to clarify the itinerary of the interview day. Prior to the interview, double check what style the interview will be conducted in (one-to-one or panel style),
who you will be meeting, whether there will be a follow-up interview or tests, and the necessary commute.

Do Your Research – Company and Role
Diligence, professionalism and pro-activity are all vital elements within PA jobs. By discussing your acquired knowledge of the company within the interview, you’ll be able to demonstrate your enthusiasm for the role, as well as why you would be a good fi t. Conducting in-depth research beyond the company’s website is crucial.
Evaluate press releases, shareholder reports, social media and company reviews.

The Audience
Aside from direct company research, it’s tactical to analyse who you are trying to impress. Each interviewer will have their agenda and vision of what makes an ideal PA, depending on their professional focus and relationship to the candidate. Gaining an insight into the professional background and career history of your interviewer(s) beforehand will allow you to anticipate their needs and expectations for the role.

The Need for a Positive Mindset
Utilising a positive mindset, establishes yourself as a sought-after PA, helps to leave a lasting impression, and emulates your ability to support your future boss and wider team. Presenting a positive demeanour, allows assertive communication skills to shine through.

Communication plays a key part in a PA position

Any proactive and communicative skills you can demonstrate, will help you stand out in an interview.

The inevitable “so, do you have any questions?” statement is the final hurdle in an interview. As a lot of information will be covered throughout the interview, it’s wise to have a selection of questions to choose from, such as

Role related questions:
• “What are the biggest challenges of this role?”

Company related questions:
• “What are the company’s ambitions for the years ahead?”

Self-assessment questions:
• “What qualities would a candidate possess to excel in this role?”


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