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      Top 20 life goals revealed – How many have you ticked off?

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      Brits are most driven at 33 years of age – the point they are most motivated and determined to achieve their goals, from progressing in their career to being physically fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. According to a new Bupa Health Clinics study, the drive people have at this stage of their lives is […]

      Escaping the in-laws with a festive getaway? You’re not the only one

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      Millions of Brits are planning a festive getaway this Christmas – to escape the in-laws. A study of 2,000 adults found two fifths are planning to spend the big day away from home, with 17 per cent even choosing to go abroad. One in five admit their main reason for taking a break is to […]

      Women over 50 ‘happier than women in their 20s’

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      Women aged 50-65 are happier with their age, relationship and confidence than women in their 20s. Research into the lives of modern women revealed older generations feel they are living their best lives. Half of women over 50 are content with their current relationship status while a quarter are ‘happy’ with their age. And one […]

      Flexible working: The benefits and the rules

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      Study after study is revealing that companies which offer flexible working conditions have happier staff, fewer absences and are more likely to attract and retain top talent. Lisa Carter reports… Flexible working is no longer seen as a perk, with employees now actively seeking places that allow them to better juggle the work/life balance. Events […]

      More Brits getting their ‘side hustle’ on

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      More Brits in full-time employment are taking on an extra job, or ‘side hustle,’ to compliment their full time salary. In fact, the research from Hiscox shows that one in four Brits are a ‘side hustler.’ Usually flexible in nature, these secondary projects can take many forms, from freelance work to selling handicrafts. And, while […]

      Veganuary could save you money

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      Millions of Brits are taking on the vegan challenge for January and giving up meat for a month, but could saving money also be a major perk of giving up meat products? Research by Linda McCartney Foods, who polled 2,000 UK adults, found 26 per cent reduced their meat intake during the past 12 months […]

      Opinion: No Year’s Resolutions

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      Every year on December 31, when the clock strikes midnight we make personal promises to ourselves that we will change our lifestyle to become better people, with most of us give up on these goals within a month. Amy Gallagher, founder and director of Tula Wellness reminisces about why she gave up making New Year’s resolutions.  […]

      Juggling work and kids during the school holidays? You’re not alone

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      The average summer break from school will involve 11 day trips, 344 miles of travel – and two cases of sunburn, a study has revealed, highlighting just how much time is spent juggling work and kids at this time of year. A survey of 2,000 British families found the long summer holiday away from lessons […]

      Like mixing business & pleasure? Then you’re a ‘bleisure’ lover

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      Yep, that’s right, someone’s coined a term for the increasingly popular practice of mixing business travel with personal breaks. Boffins from the University of East London reckon they’ve spotted a new trend for breaking out of the ‘business travel bubble’, Christening the new concept ‘bleisure’, and asserting that it can increase productivity and wellbeing. We’re not sure […]

      One in four Brits never exercise, says British Lung Foundation

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      In a poll of 2,000 UK adults conducted by the British Ling Foundation, 23 per cent admitted they do their best to avoid exercise at all costs – and of the 77 per cent who do exercise, 16 per cent only exert themselves once a week. Walking is the exercise Brits are most likely to engage […]