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    Summer holidays pushes 4 in 5 parents to plan return to the office

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    Parents are most keen to return to office (81% vs 66% without kids at home) – too many distractions, lack of social interaction with colleagues/people their age and a bad work-life balance were cited as key reasons. Working 9 to 5 is a tempting prospect for many parents, as new research from Hitachi Capital Business […]

    Which industry’s employees are spending the most on dating?

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    New research by thortful.com has revealed that, on average, daters in the UK are spending £2,220 a year (£185 per month) on their hunt for the one. With dating and romance back on the cards, spending on love can resume once again. However, with this much money being spent, how are daters funding their romantic […]

    54% of UK adults use alcohol to de-stress after work

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    More than half of UK workers use alcohol to de-stress after a hard day or week, whilst 62% confess to using alcohol as a reward for work success and achievements. The team at www.totiuss.com conducted research to determine which professions rely the most on alcohol to de-stress at the end of the day; as well […]

    Study shines light on UK attitudes to employee benefits

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    Wetones asked employees at 133 workplaces across the UK how their health and wellbeing needs and habits have changed, and whether updated benefits packages from their employers would help to support their wellbeing. What they discovered highlighted a gap between company benefit schemes and employee lifestyles. So how can companies get up to date with […]

    Screens leaving Brits struggling to keep their eyes open by 6pm

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    Brits are struggling to keep their eyes open by 6pm – after staring at a variety of screens all day. Research into the impact of screen time on eyes revealed the average person looks at a gadget, TV or monitor for more than six hours a day. From scrolling through phones, to working at screens […]

    ‘Staffing exodus’ from London as remote working lifestyle takes hold

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    Employers have been urged to be aware of a talent exodus from London as insight reveals an increased desire from highly skilled people to move to less metropolitan locations in a remote working environment. In an analysis of where cities are losing and gaining talent, Guidant Global discovered that the capital is losing more highly […]

    Two-thirds of mothers have stopped working or work less due to pandemic

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    New research reveals that nearly two-thirds of working mothers have either stopped working (40%) or reduced their hours (19%) since the start of the pandemic. TopCV surveyed 1,017 UK professionals to find out how the pandemic had affected their roles as workers and parents. Of the working mothers who were no longer working, almost a third […]

    Mental health and wellbeing driving the return to the workplace

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    The majority (52%) of workers are looking forward to returning to the office for mental health and wellbeing reasons, rising to almost two thirds (64%) amongst 18-34 year olds. That’s according to research by workspace plant specialist Ambius, which concludes that the appeal of working from home could be waning amongst office workers. While physical […]

    The Lensbury Launches Online Fitness Platform

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    The Lensbury Club has launched a virtual fitness platform to provide its members with live and on-demand classes and workouts at home. The four-star resort located in Teddington, South West London, has unveiled ‘The Lensbury at Home’ to encourage both its members and the local business community to stay safe, well and active throughout the […]

    How many of these habits have you picked up while WFH?

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    Brits are creatures of habit and have picked up at least five new rituals as a result of being home more than usual. A study of 2,000 adults revealed that more than a third have picked up good habits during lockdown – Although one in six confessed to developing some new bad habits along the way […]