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Which industry’s employees are spending the most on dating?

New research by has revealed that, on average, daters in the UK are spending £2,220 a year (£185 per month) on their hunt for the one. With dating and romance back on the cards, spending on love can resume once again.

However, with this much money being spent, how are daters funding their romantic rendezvous? Looking at professions across the UK, the study revealed which industries are the most hopeless romantics and therefore, splashing the most cash on chasing hearts.

According to the findings, the industries that are going on the most dates per month are as follows:

Ranking Industry 10 or more dates pm (%)
1= Accounting/banking/finance and Creative arts/design 13%
2 Sales 12%
3 Property and construction 10%
4 Public services and administration 8%
5 Retired 7%

The two flirtiest industries are accounting, banking, and finance as well as creative arts and design with one in seven (13%) of single professionals going on 10 or more dates per month!

If you’re struggling to find a match right now, don’t feel too bad as the research also revealed the most cynical professions. It turns out that one in four people (25%) working in the leisure, sport and tourism industry don’t know if their significant other is really ‘the one’. This is followed by 13% of lawyers and 16% of energy and utility professionals… ouch.

Some industries still firmly believe in chivalry and being a true gentleman. For example, over half (53%) of people working in accounting, banking, and finance believe men should be the ones to pay on the first date compared to almost a third (31%) of creative artists and designers.

When it comes to women paying on the first date, all of the participants voted this as the least proper option. The group most against women footing the bill were retired people at The most willing industry was creative arts and design at 15% proving themselves as the industry with the most modern dating values.

Overall, dating is a tricky (and expensive) game, but love is out there for everyone. To find out how much you’re spending on love, thortful has created a dating calculator using the cost of living throughout the UK.

You can try the calculator for yourself here