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    145% spike in counselling needs as lockdown eases

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    Employers may think that the easing of lockdown will result in an improvement in mental health, but figures released today by Towergate Health & Protection suggest that employees may be in greater need of support than ever. Figures from one of firm’s leading employee assistance programme (EAP) providers show a pronounced increase in utilisation as […]

    Have you achieved a perfect work-life balance during lockdown?

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    Half of Brits feel they have achieved the perfect balance in life – as lockdown has allowed them more time to do the things they love. A study of 2,000 adults who have been working from home found the global pandemic and lockdown restrictions has had a huge impact on work life balance for many – for the better. […]

    WFH, a daily walk and a work-life balance: what Brits want post-Covid

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    Holidays abroad, regular nights out with friends and an enjoyable job are now less important than before lockdown, according to Brits. A study of 2,000 adults found 43 per cent have completely re-evaluated life and what really matters to them since the pandemic, with plans for travelling, having loads of money and a nice car […]

    Are you going ‘Al Desko’ for spring?

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    More than four in 10 home workers are planning to go ‘Al Desko’ this year – by moving their laptop into their garden when the weather improves, research has revealed. A survey of 1,000 UK adults working from home found 45 per cent have struggled with their mental health more during the third lockdown compared […]

    Workplace learnings from life in lockdown

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    By Andry Anastasis McFarlane (pictured), author of The Really Resilient Guide This last year has shown us many things about how we as individuals and businesses handle change and uncertainty. And how resilient we really are. What are some of the other bigger lessons we’ve been learning about ourselves and our lives and working lives […]

    Engage staff, or lose them as the economy re-opens

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    Debra Clark, Head of Specialist Consulting at Towergate Health & Protection, warns employers: If you do not engage with your staff, you will lose them… This is particularly important as the economy starts to reopen and people take stock of their working lives. The comment may seem stark following such difficult times during the pandemic, […]

    INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY: Time to celebrate how far we’ve come!

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    Today is International Women’s Day – a time to celebrate the achievements of women across the world, as well as raising awareness of the ongoing fight for equality. It’s incredibly encouraging that this event has grown so significantly over the past few years, from being a niche, annual ‘nod’ to women, to something that is […]

    The WFH Buzzwords that has become the ‘New Normal’ in 2021

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    By John Williams, Head of Marketing at The Instant Group The unexpected events over the past year have changed the way we work, the way we socialise, and even how we talk. By March 2020, the word “Coronavirus” had become one of the most frequently used nouns in the English language, and with it came […]

    A message of hope from Warwick Conferences

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    By Paul Bartlett, Director, Warwick Conferences Every year, we publish our industry trends report and reflect on the learnings and expected focuses across the industry. And while last year was no normal year – and one we will not want repeating anytime soon – that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t buck the trend, despite it looking […]

    When was the last time you left the house…?

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    One in five home workers aren’t going outside in daylight hours during the working week as the lockdown continues to take its toll. Being too busy to take a lunch break, poor weather and having no reason to go out means 87 per cent have had spells this winter where they haven’t set foot outside […]