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      The top reason for sleepless nights? You guessed it – job stress

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      Job stress is the top cause behind employees’ sleepless nights, with more than a third (34%) stating that stress stops them from getting enough sleep That’s according to research from Aetna International, which surveyed 4,000 office workers and 1,000 HR Directors across the globe to find out their thoughts on the current state of health care […]

      Employers ‘failing to grant leave for antenatal appointments’

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      Employers are making it difficult for women and their partners to take time out of work to attend vital midwife appointments. That’s according to a survey of 300 UK mums who have given birth in the past five years – carried out private midwifery services specialist Private Midwives and published in its UK Maternity Report. It found that […]

      2019 Mental Health Awareness Day: Centre yourself with PA Life Courses

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      PA Life has teamed up with New Skills Academy to offer our readers access to a hand-picked selection of essential personal and professional development courses. Available via the PA Life website and specially curated by an expert team, the 104 courses include essential guides to workplace wellness and wellbeing, encompassing:- Assertiveness Skills Certification Boost your […]

      2019 World Mental Health Day: Nearly half of us need more support

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      October 10th of this year marks World Mental Health Day, a global day for mental health education and awareness. The conversation around mental health is changing. But there is still so much that needs to be done. Poor mental health can have a devastating impact on businesses and of course the employees themselves.  Mental health disorders […]

      Half of managers think workers with mental health issues are a ‘liability’

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      A study of British senior managers found that 51 percent admit that they consider a worker who is mentally unwell to be a liability, with 65 percent saying they thought talking about mental health at work was a sign of weakness. A fifth admit they have felt in the past that a member of staff […]

      Tackling mental health in the workplace

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      Safeguarding the mental health of your staff is as important as ensuring they are safe physically. Declan Halton-Woodward, EA to the CEO at Handelsbanken Wealth/Heartwood offers some advice… Mental health is as important as physical health. I could argue it is more important given symptoms of mental ill-health can often go unnoticed. One in four […]

      6 Tips for encouraging a better mental health workplace

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      We spend so much of our life at the office. Eight hours a day, 40 hours a week and that’s not even counting commutes to and from work, any extra shifts or overtime. Before you know it, the office has become your home away from home. But what if your home away from home is […]

      How to talk to your boss about anxiety and depression

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      A top Priory psychiatrist talks you through it, with 10 important things to remember… In today’s economic climate, many can be forgiven for feeling ‘grateful’ to have a job and therefore all too easily the added pressures of working life get accepted rather than questioned. Many may even consider it a weakness to suggest they […]

      How businesses are helping to support mental well-being in the workplace

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      ‘Leave all your personal problems at work’, is often a phrase thrown around in a professional albeit casual sense, but it’s not as easily said than it is done, as shutting one’s personal problems out completely from a potentially stressful environment is something we all wish we could do. Mental health has a much higher […]

      Mental health struggles and burnout costing the UK economy £1.4bn a year

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      British workers are still uncomfortable disclosing mental health issues or burnout, with nearly a quarter (23%) admitting they would rather take an unexplained sick day than discuss their issues with their employers.   Indeed, the research carried out by HR software provider Breathe found 40% of employees are uncomfortable calling in sick to their employer […]