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    This article will put a smile on your face (or at least show you how)

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    The things most likely to put a smile on people’s faces include seeing loved ones, having a lie in – and getting likes on social media. A poll of 2,000 adults also found 28 per cent can’t help but grin when they see a dog on a walk and 39 per cent enjoy waking up […]

    Work-life balance an issue due to lockdown

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    Workers fear their work-life balance has worsened – as working from home means they find it difficult to switch off and they miss chatting to their colleagues. A study of 2,000 employees who’ve spent recent months working from home, found half wished they had more a better balance. And 42 per cent said it has […]

    Are you getting 3 hours of daily ‘me time’?

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    Self-aware adults now ensure they get focused ‘me-time’ of up to three hours every day, with a third developing new self-care habits ruing lockdown, including exercising more, eating better and taking more care of their skin. A poll of 2,000 people found six in 10 are increasingly aware of the need to get time to […]

    Employers urged to monitor absence closely for mental health post-Covid-19

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    The British Medical Association (BMA) has warned this week that the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic could lead to a mental health crisis in the UK unless extra support is provided. Other research from Bupa UK found that despite high rates of poor mental health during the pandemic, just one in 20 people (5%) has […]

    UK employee anxiety levels have increased by 240% in one year

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    Anxiety in employees has rocketed over the last year, rising 240% over the same period as last year  from 5% to 17%. That’s according to research from Inpulse, which also shows that Stress is another high negative emotion for employees, at 11%, while Isolation rates stands at 7%. An emotion becomes dominant and will be felt and experienced […]

    When was the last time you took any time off work…?

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    The average British worker has not taken any leave from work for more than two months – and has shelved nine days off what they had planned to take because of the lockdown. Of the 2,000 workers polled, more than half said they had ‘completely written off’ 2020 when it came to taking holidays from […]

    25% of employees think COVID-19 will have a negative effect on health and safety in the workplace

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    Thirty-nine per cent of Brits said they are concerned about their mental and physical health being put at risk at work, with respondents taking an average of 3.5 off each year due to an illness caused by their job. Meanwhile, one in 10 people in the UK have actually taken time off work because of […]

    Worrying has a real impact on women’s health, says study

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    Women are spending the equivalent of almost an entire month of the year worrying – and more than half said it is having an impact on their health. A study of 2,000 adults found women spend an average of almost two hours a day feeling worried or stressed, with two thirds of this time spent […]

    Mental health on brink of nosedive

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    The impact of Covid-19 on the economy will take its toll on mental wellbeing. Those with existing mental health conditions are predicted to experience more serious and prolonged difficulties, and those that haven’t experienced mental ill-health before are susceptible too as they deal with new pressures. As such, businesses need to be aware that all […]

    Number of Brits ‘bottling up’ mental health issues doubles vs 2019

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    A new study from Bupa UK shows that the vast majority of UK adults (82%) have experienced symptoms that may indicate poor mental health such as continuous low mood, anxiousness, low self-esteem or hopelessness while in lockdown, yet almost half (44%) haven’t told anyone. This shows a sharp rise from 2019 when just one in five (22%) felt […]