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    Are your daily rituals among the UK’s top 30?

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    Brits have revealed the habits and rituals they swear by to get them through the day, including yoga, calling loved ones at a set time – and taking time to make a regular cuppa.

    A study of 2,000 adults found 42 per cent have an average of four things they do every day to keep them happy and healthy – with men more reliant on rituals than women to help create structure and routine.

    But in true British fashion, the simple act of a cup of tea or coffee at the same time of day was named the top ritual for keeping calm, collected and centered.

    Others rely on making sure they take time to eat away from their desk and looking out of the window to give themselves a minute to relax.

    It also emerged 51 per cent have adopted more rituals over the last 18 months as they attempted to get through the pandemic.

    Of those, 15 per cent now set a day for the whole family to share a meal to ensure they have quality time amid their hectic schedules.

    And the study, commissioned by Healthspan as part of its Rituals to Wellbeing campaign, found 35 per cent per cent claim their lives are heavily structured around the routines.

    The study also found more than a third of those polled swear by carrying out certain rituals because it makes them feel good while 33 per cent use them to feel calmer.

    More than a fifth (21 per cent) said it helps them manage with stress and 19 per cent rely on them to help improve their overall mood.

    But one in five believe they help them feel more connected and in the moment, while 58 per cent think they make their life easier.

    Generally, more than a third believe rituals have helped them, with 21 per cent believing they helped to get them through a particularly stressful period.

    Another one in 10 think they prevented them from getting ill while nine per cent feel they have allowed them to better cope with parenting.

    Others think they have helped when going through a divorce or bereavement, retirement or when starting a new job.

    The study, carried out via OnePoll, also found 54 per cent feel there are aspects of their lives that they don’t feel completely on top of.

    Of those, 43 per cent think they are struggling when it comes to the physical fitness while 40 per cent need more help with sleep.

    Mental health, money and relationships are also among the areas where people think they are finding it hard to cope.

    But 77 per cent admitted they aren’t sure how to get control of the areas of their lives they don’t feel completely on top of.

    Top 30 daily rituals Brits swear by:

    1.           Having a cup of tea or coffee at the same time each day

    2.           Taking a glass of water to bed to rehydrate in the morning

    3.           Writing a to-do list to keep on top of your tasks

    4.           Listening to music to destress

    5.           Reading before bed for relaxation

    6.           Eating meals at a dinner table rather than at your desk or on your lap to concentrate and eat more mindfully

    7.           Getting changed into comfy clothes after finishing work as a mental switch off

    8.           Looking out of the window every so often to have a minute to relax

    9.           Making sure to go for a walk each day for stress reduction

    10.         Spending time in and around nature/natural surroundings to unwind

    11.         Doing stretches to prepare for the day or unwind before bed

    12.         Taking supplements daily as part of a morning self-care routine

    13.         A beauty regime to help with self-care

    14.         Cleansing your skin for deep nourishment

    15.         Laying the dinner table before each meal to help make them less stressful

    16.         No looking at electronic devices while eating to be fully connected with each other

    17.         Having a full family meal on set days of the week to make sure you have the time together

    18.         Laying out the following day’s clothes the night before for calmer start to the day

    19.         Lighting candles to relax

    20.         Looking away from your monitor every so often to destress

    21.         Saying a daily prayer

    22.         Walking the dog in the morning, evening or both

    23.         Having a bath daily and using oils to help you relax

    24.         Making sure you call loved ones on set days/set times

    25.         Setting out all the components of your breakfast to set you up for the day

    26.         Setting out all the components of your lunch to save time and ensure you don’t skip it

    27.         Practicing yoga to unwind

    28.         Setting a time to move throughout the day to avoid being too sedentary

    29.         Not looking at screens after a certain time of day to give your mind a break

    30.         Daily gratitudes to help with a positive mindset

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