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PA Life Club Christmas Party: The event of the year

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Monday, November 26 2018, saw the PA social event of the year take place at a venue deep beneath the London Palladium. The PA Life Christmas Party, based at the Toy Room London, saw the coming together of 150 PAs, EAs, VAs, sponsors and suppliers to one of the greatest celebrations of assistant work in […]

PA Life Christmas Party Awards – The Winners

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Last night PA Life hosted its first awards evening for members of the PA Life Club. An event that showcased some of the biggest names in the industry and highlighted some surprising underdogs. The evening covered five different categories: Networker of the Year,  Social Media Supporter of the Year, Most Loyal Club Member, Outstanding Achievement […]

Don’t fancy a big German car, what are the alternatives?

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The car is a funny one when turning up to an event. Too little and people won’t take you seriously, too much and you’ll be seen as a clown. Whenever you turn up at a corporate event, you can’t help but see an endless amount of black Audi’s, BMW’s and Mercedes-Benz. It has been the […]

Our new PA Life Club manager got to test out the track ahead of the December Club event

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The PA Life team were lucky enough to visit Mercedes-Benz world and take a car out for a spin ahead of our club event later this year. Our new Club manager Freddi Jackson visited the site to get a look at the AMG car exhibition currently being held there, but before long she was on […]