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Don’t fancy a big German car, what are the alternatives?

The car is a funny one when turning up to an event. Too little and people won’t take you seriously, too much and you’ll be seen as a clown.

Whenever you turn up at a corporate event, you can’t help but see an endless amount of black Audi’s, BMW’s and Mercedes-Benz. It has been the businessman’s choice of car for the last 30 years.  The reliable German has secured its position as the top business car and for good reason. They all offer plenty of comfort, all the latest mod-cons in terms of tech and most importantly, they are reliable. No one wants to head to a conference or event and end up completing the trip in the back of an Uber.

But, is the German saloon still the best way to go?

There is no doubt that the Germans know what they are doing. They design cars that are fast and cool, yet have a subtleness that allows them to look professional rather than childish.

Audi A6 Sedan

However, in the changing world we now live in, is that subtle corporate car is beginning to become boring?

Below are some alternatives that give you that 2018 look without compromising.

Tesla Model S – The best modern alternative to the petrol guzzling saloon car. The Model S was the first mass-produced Tesla car. It offers great mileage between charges, that sporty feel when driving and yet gives a sleek and professional look for when you turn up at an event. Even though it is now a six-year-old car, it has all the mod-cons of any new BMW 5 series on the market including a USB port, interior lighting and a large touch screen through the centre console.


Tesla Model S

Alfa Romeo Giulia – The understated king of the road.  You will struggle to see many of these anywhere in the UK, but they are a brilliant alternative to the German rivals. Giulia’s are sporty and much better looking than nearly all the newest saloon cars. Fans of the car include pretty much all motoring journalists. If you use your car for business in the week but want something to have a lot of fun in at the weekends, you’ll struggle to find a better car.

Alfa Romeo Giulia

Jaguar XF – The British built Jag has started to become more popular again over the last five years. Gone are the days of the old man Jaguar and now we welcome a generation of modern business cars. Jaguar are challenging Tesla with the best electric SUV’s in the world at the moment.

With their cars still being made in the West-Midlands, the company have remained true to their heritage. Going forward owning a Jaguar will definitely have heads turning at your next business meaning.

Jaguar XF

A Classic Car – I know when I say the term classic car, many of you will probably reject the idea due to lack of reliability, after all, you want to actually make it to that event or meeting. However, the classic car revival is becoming stronger. Millennials are now buying them to use as daily cars. Turning up to a meeting in a classic E-Type or a DB5 will certainly turn heads and impress anyone but believe it or not, affordable classics are now beginning to increase rapidly in price.  Some of the more stand out classic cars  include the classic French Citroen 2CV, the beautiful British Mini Cooper and the stunning Porsche 924. However, if you really want to impress in an affordable classic, take a tip from the Millenials themselves and grab yourself a Mercedes Benz from the 70s or 80s. These Merc’s are becoming the lad about London car, adding timeless style into everyday life.

Mercedes Benz R107


So, next time you’re looking for a car to arrive to an event in style. Take a minute to consider an alternative to a new German saloon.