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Brits will waste £30,000 during their lifetime

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On average Brits will waste more than £30,000 during their lifetime, after losing track of monthly direct debits. Researchers who carried out a study on behalf of Sky Mobile found the typical adult pays out over £111 in direct debits every month, with £40 of that being spent on products or services that are forgotten […]

Brits would change jobs after a jackpot win

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More than five million UK workers would look for a new job if money was no longer a factor, according to reports. Studies by Wink Slots as part of the Working After Winning Report revealed that 11% of Brits would retrain for new positions if they were to win big in the lottery, suggesting that […]

Experiencing financial stress may lead to physical pain

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According to a new study money worries can cause more than just psychological stress, with those who are stressed about their financial future also experiencing more physical pain than those who are financially secure. The new research, published in the journal Psychological Science, was led by a team of researchers from the University of Virginia […]

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