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      Brits would change jobs after a jackpot win

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      More than five million UK workers would look for a new job if money was no longer a factor, according to reports. Studies by Wink Slots as part of the Working After Winning Report revealed that 11% of Brits would retrain for new positions if they were to win big in the lottery, suggesting that one in ten prioritise their earnings above all other work factors.

      More than a third would continue working even if they won a substantial amount of money, and many wouldn’t even tell their boss. If they had financial support, many Brits would turn to more creative and artistic jobs, with a fifth admitting they’d be interested in entering digital media positions like videography and animation, while around 15% would turn to film and music.

      One in 10 would use it as an opportunity to take up a career in athletics and 8% would dedicate themselves to science. Meanwhile, 16% would like to enter the travel industry and another one in six admitted they’d work in volunteer and charity positions if they didn’t need to worry about supporting themselves.

      Just 8% would admit the exact amount of money they had won, while most would hide the number from even their closest friends and around a quarter wouldn’t even bring it up. The average figure for Brits to give up work altogether is around £5.4 million, but many of us are reluctant to give up our day jobs even into our retirement years.

      “We often talk about what we would do with our winnings, but not what we would do after hitting the jackpot,” said a spokesperson for Wink Slots. “The amount we would want to win before giving up our day job shows that we are cautious and tend to think long term when it comes to retirement – we want to ensure we have enough money to last through the years before entirely giving up work.”

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