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Plants and biophilic design reduce employee mistakes by 43%

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Experiment shows that we can work better in the presence of nature elements, as plants and biophilic design reduce employee mistakes by 43%. The stress-relieving effects of nature indoors have been scientifically shown to improve ability in cognitive performance tasks. For employers striving to attract workers back to the office, air-circulating green walls could offer an […]

Center Parcs is back with £2.5m Investment in team building and event spaces

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Center Parcs reawakens its conference, team building and events spaces in the Forest with a £2.5m Investment. Their offering for the corporate sector is set to relaunch in September 2022, as enquiries reach pre-pandemic levels. Center Parcs is set to reawaken two of its most accessible and sought-after destinations in the UK: Woburn Forest in […]

How nature in design brings employees back into the office

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Office working is back, yet people are still working remotely. In some instances, this can be more practical. But with 1 in 5 Brits wanting to work remotely full-time, have workers become too comfortable in their own homes? What can help bring employees back into the office? Biophilic design in offices, which in short means […]

Wellbeing In Nature video series: Created for corporate event organisers

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PA Life is delighted to introduce the Wellbeing In Nature series of videos, designed to help the wellbeing of corporate event organisers, including PAs and EAs. The series has been created by The Soul Camp, which has teamed up with PA Life and parent company Forum Events & Media Group as part of the Corporate […]

WELLBEING: 14 plants to forage this Spring while in Lockdown

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By Wendy Paton, Founder, London Bushcraft Being in self-isolation has been difficult for us all, but for me personally, connecting with nature has been my saviour! If working from home combined with home schooling has caused your stress levels to rise, connecting with nature can be very therapeutic.  Foraging is a great place to start […]