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Wellbeing In Nature video series: Created for corporate event organisers

PA Life is delighted to introduce the Wellbeing In Nature series of videos, designed to help the wellbeing of corporate event organisers, including PAs and EAs.

The series has been created by The Soul Camp, which has teamed up with PA Life and parent company Forum Events & Media Group as part of the Corporate Event Organisers Festival – which takes place on July 22nd 2021 at the Royal Windsor Racecourse.

The Soul Camp, a specialist in corporate glamping, is headed up by Pete Jones, who shares his story…

“The Soul Camp certainly wasn’t an accident, but how we came to be leaders in the field of corporate glamping conferences – over a decade ago – is an interesting story.

Back in the day, I was the MD of a dotcom start-up that got bought and I ended up working in the city, commuting to Liverpool Street station each day. It’s fair to say I hated it! So, I basically gave it all up, ditched the job and my lifestyle to live in a fifty quid caravan in a field in Kent. And I loved it.

I’ve always had loads of friends due to me starting Planet Angel – an ethical not for profit club night, now some 20 years old.  So I found it hard to book a campsite when I mentioned that our ‘group of mates’ were about 70 to 100 people. All the campsites were terrified!

Running a club with 1,000+ excited people with thundering music and flashing lights and lasers from 10pm till 6am once a month for 20 years gives you a good handling of dealing with groups! So, not one to give up easily, I thought I’d start my own campsite, a ‘campsite with soul…  Somewhere that was cool with groups, and 100% respectful of Nature.  

After a couple of years, a ‘multinational corporation’ called and asked if they could they have a glamping conference offsite with us.  I said “yeah of course”, and then promptly asked the PA organising it – who is now a dear friend – what an offsite was!

After a hugely challenging event (due to weather) that would be worthy of a separate story, some wonderful things happened around the fire pit – people started connecting like they had not done in the office. At that moment, I realised that The Soul Camp could be really beneficial to people, and companies, and of course be 100% respectful of Nature and Wildlife.  

That realisation changed my life. We’ve always worked with Nature to be of benefit in all the ways we can, but now, with all that has happened with COVID-19, our ‘Wellbeing In Nature’ initiative and our ethos seems even more relevant. The Wellbeing In Nature Video Series offers some real gems to take away for free, and of course you can investigate further with the videos that resonate with you.

We genuinely hope you will get some real benefit. If you do, please feel free to comment on the videos and share the love with your colleagues.”

The first video takes a look at Alpha Breath Dynamics, an exercise which will help relieve stress, and is hosted by Thomas Shorr-Kon. Watch it here or below:


And find out more about the Corporate Event Organisers Festival here.