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    New report highlights COVID-19 office design considerations

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    A quarter of office workers feel their wellbeing has been negatively impacted by working from home, showing the importance of access to an office for elevating employee wellbeing. That’s according to a new report from workplace design consultancy Peldon Rose, commissioned in conjunction with workplace strategy and employee engagement specialists WKspace. The research, “The Office of […]

    Revealed: What Brits want from their ‘dream’ workplace

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    Okay, let’s take a break from virus-related news and cast our minds forward to when we can actually work from an office again in the hopefully not too distant future – and help the animals too. Now isn’t that a lovely thought? According to research, Brits dream of a workplace with free soft drinks, glorious […]

    How to get the fundamentals of office design right

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    By Tushar Agarwal, CEO of Hubble Whether your company is just launching or growing, your surroundings can have a real impact on how your team works. Employers may place workplace design low down on their list of priorities, especially when thinking about cost and the resource needed to address it. Nevertheless, it’s important that a company’s […]

    Trying to find a desk? That’ll take you two weeks, on average

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    Research conducted by HotDeskPlus shows 46% of UK office workers admit that unstructured hot desking is bad for their productivity, with an estimated average decrease in productivity levels of 31%. The research showed that businesses can lose almost two weeks’ worth of output a year from their workforce as a result of failing to implement a […]

    Want business success? Design a better office

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    A YouGov survey commissioned by Oktra has highlighted the importance of office environments to worker productivity.  Research of over 2,000 British employees across three different generations found that less than half (43%) believe the design of their workplace encourages innovation and creativity – a substantial statistic to consider, especially for creative and tech companies. With […]

    Better workplace design = More productivity

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    Phil Sugden, Director at flexible workspace expert Portal, explores the ways CEOs can design their workspace to boost productivity and attract talent, while also keeping costs to a minimum… The workspace of today has evolved far beyond the conventional office portrayed in popular culture, which are typically comprised of sterile white cubicles and grey carpet […]

    Top stories of the week

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    As we continue to keep you informed on what’s happening in the events world and up to date, don’t forget to check us out on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. 5 minutes with… Mary Portas We’ve heard from the PAs themselves about their day-to-day lives in the workplace, but we’ve decided to ditch the rule book and speak to a boss […]

    New office, new you

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    With the market more competitive than ever before, should employers look at changing the office every five years to retain their talent and attract new employees? Not so long ago, the majority of businesses would change their office every ten years or so – either by relocating or refurbishing. However, with both technological advances and […]

    What will the future of the office look like?

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    With technology becoming more advanced every day, our working habits are changing at a rate unparalleled to any time in history previously. We are having to change and adapt to new surroundings and environments. So why would your office carry on looking the same? Even though no one can be sure what the office of […]

    5 design trends that are set to revolutionise workplaces

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    As all good project managers and fit-out experts know, each refit project is entirely different from the next. Even if you’ve been asked to plan the interior of two offices with the exact same amount of space, variables such as budgets, business types and client requests mean that you’ll finish with two entirely different spaces. […]